First Trip to Far East 21 days

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First Trip to Far East 21 days

My wife and I would appreciate any advice and opinions on the following;we are going on a Pacific Delight Tour to Shanghai.Beijing,Xi'an,Guilan,Hong Kong,Bangkok&Singapore We would like input about some shopping for jewelry and having shirts and sport coats made.we are staying at the Palace in Beijing and the Peninsula in Bangkok any comments?
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Hi Manny!
What a wonderful tour you are going to experience! Out of the cities listed, I can help you with Beijing, Singapore, HK, and Bangkok. As far as having things made, every city will have tailors that can custom make clothes and many will claim to do it in 24 hours. This is a case of you give them 24 hours, it will look like it was made in 24 hours. If you can give them a few days, it will make a big difference. I have not had things made in Bangkok, but those I know who have, have not been happy with their purchase. My husband had suits made in HK and is still happy with them. We also had a number of shirts made in Singapore and he loves those as well.

As far as jewelery, you kind of need to know what to look for. I bought pearls ( the standard Audrey Hepburn type!) in Hong Kong and had them appraised both in the US and Singapore and found that I got a really good deal. I picked the srand myself and they then put the clasp on and I picked earrings to match. That was from Rio Pearl in Kowloon. They are fabulous and I know MANY people that have shopped there and never had a complaint. In Beijing, I bought a number of pearls and earrings as well for amazing prices. Many friends have bought emeralds and sapphires in Thailand. Again, just know what you are looking for.

Enjoy your trip!
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Sounds great!
There are several tailors located in the Pensinsula Hong Kong shopping wing. I'm sure you can price shop.
I purchased shirts from Ascot Chang and was very pleased. You may want to get fitted shortly after arrival as they may be able to get the suit to you in a day. If they ship it to the U.S., the commercial import duty applies. That, and the shipping, can be quite expensive.
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How exciting!

The most important factor for how satisfied you will be with your tailoring experience, IMO, is what your typical budget for suits is, and what you are willing to spend on your trip. There are loads of places in both BKK and HK that offer 3 suits for $100 in 24 hours, and the above poster is right - they will look like you had 3 suits made for $100 in 24 hours.

On the other hand, if you are willing to spend a bit more (or a lot more), the quality and the deal that you are getting will increase exponentially. I had 2 suits made, each with jacket, dress, skirt, and trousers, for a total price of US $550. The designs I chose were Jill Sander, which retail for US $3000 for just jacket and trousers. I was also able to customize the designs to my personal taste - no belt loops here, 3/4 length sleeves there, etc.

In Shanghai, it's wonderful to have copies made of clothing you already have (you bring it with you and leave it with them, and they make an exact copy in your new fabric). It takes a couple of days, or you can have them mail it, but you'll need to BUY in China and BRING with you a pre-paid, filled out FedEx envelope - the workers CAN be trusted to send your items to you, even if it's the tailors in the alley. There are huge stores with more silk than you can imagine (one of the largest is at 139 Tianping Lu, Xujiahui, 6282 5013). You can pick out several types of silk (just hold up the item or point to the type of item you want to have made and they'll figure out how much you'll need). Then you can take the item to tailor row & have it copied for about US $5 - 10 per item (RMB 35 for a simple silk shell blouse, RMB 80 for a pair of trousers). Tailor row is near Wuyuan Lu and Changshu Lu. Have the taxi drop you off at the corner and walk down Wuyuan Lu (there is only one way to go); tailor row "opens" at 3:30 and is a little alley on the right between houses number 52 & 72. It looks a bit strange - it's just an alley with ladies sitting at sewing machines - but I have things copied there all the time, and they do a great job. If you have limited time in Shanghai, you can have your hotel help you get a FedEx envelope, which you will fill out and bring with you - you give it to the tailors and they'll send your original .

Have fun!
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I want to travel to China in this summer. Which place do you recomend?
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I can also recommend Rio Pearls in Kowloon. I got a fabulous strand of baroque South Sea pearls that I would never have been able to afford in the states. Great selection and a helpful staff who is not pushy. Enjoy your trip!

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