Fireworks in Hong Kong Chinese New Year

Nov 22nd, 2008, 02:02 AM
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Fireworks in Hong Kong Chinese New Year

My family and I will be in Hong Kong during the Chinese New year celebration. Where is the best place to be to watch the firewoks, from a boat, from a hotel, from a specific place on the pier, or where? What about the parade? When and where it happens? Can we go visit places on the first 2 days of the year or everything will be too crowded. What do you suggest? WE arrive in HK 3 days prior New Year, so I think we'll have enough time to visit tha major attractions before the holiday.
THANKS everybody for the help!!!
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Nov 22nd, 2008, 05:55 AM
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You posted almost the same question back in May and got a lengthy reply from Cicerone. Did you read it?
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Nov 22nd, 2008, 09:31 AM
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Well, there's new questions being asked. Though the OP could have just asked it in that old thread.

Anyways, the best place to watch the fireworks is from the Promenade in Tsimshatsui, or any of the hotels or restaurants above it.

If money is no object, get a harborview suite with private balcony at the Intercontinental. But I guess those will already been booked. But otherwise, you can just go to the promenade early and get a good spot.

Just to remind you, the fireworks is only the 2nd night of the New Year, 1/27. The parade is on the night of Chinese New Year, 1/26, along the streets of Tsimshatsui. Naturally, all roads in the southern part of Kowloon Peninsula will be blocked off for both nights.

In general, CNY is a quiet time in Hong Kong. Long holiday when people leave the territories for vacation elsewhere.
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Nov 22nd, 2008, 10:18 AM
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I should add that you can also view it from the Hong Kong side. Best view will be from the Expo Promenade outside the Convention and Exhibition Center, or at the new dog park to the east of the Wan Chai ferry pier. There are a lot of elevated pedestrian walkways in the northern part of Wan Chai, which can also work.

So, if you're staying in Wan Chai or Causeway Bay, you don't need to cross the harbor. The Excelsior Hotel will have great view as well from its harborview rooms and the Talk of the Town restaurant on the top floor. No idea what kind of special menu they'll have for that night.

Another thing is that if you are on the Kowloon side and find the waterfront promenade too crowded, you may want to go up the Signal Hill Garden. It's the little hill to the east of the Sheraton. The path entrance is behind the Mariner's Club on Minden Row. You should get a good view of the fireworks from there.
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Nov 22nd, 2008, 10:29 AM
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Thank you rkkwan for your answers. In fact, I asked about the Chinese New Year back in May as Jaya said, but I did not ask about the best place to watch the parade and it was not mentioned by Cicerone either. Perhaps Jaya is the one who should read it again. Anyway,
I do not want to sound rude, thank you for all the info you gave me. We'll be at the Renaissance Kowloon, as it is a little bit out of the way, we'll go to the promenade.
THANKS everybody!
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Nov 22nd, 2008, 10:37 AM
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The Renaissance Kowloon is right on the promenade. I don't know why you'll call it out of the way. But its rooms faces inside; all you need to do is walk out to the water from there.

Also, about the parade on the night of CNY. It's along Salisbury Road, right in front of your hotel. They have seats at the Culture Center just to the west of your hotel which requires a ticket; but free elsewhere along the route.
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Nov 24th, 2008, 01:14 AM
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The fireworks will take place on Tuesday, January 27 at 9 pm and will last about 30 minutes. There are numerous good places to view them, including places on the hills above the harbour on the Hong Kong side, so you do not necessarily have to be down on the waterfront on either side to have a good view; but as you will be at the Renaissance Kowloon you may not want to move too far. The problem with the outdoor waterfront Esplanade on either side of the harbour is that they will be very, very crowded, and you will need to go out and stand for several hours before the fireworks start if you want a good spot; so if you want to avoid this, having a seat in a restaurant or bar with a view may be preferable.

The fireworks are shot off from three barges which will be located in the middle of the harbour, and private boats are kept well away from the site, so actually being on a boat is not any great advantage, IMO, and you are better off being somewhere along or above the harbour.

Your hotel has a seafood restaurant with quite a nice view, so you might try booking there now and see if they give any priority to hotel guests. The hotelís Chinese restaurant may also have views, I canít recall for sure. Also ask the hotel is they are making any viewing arrangements, such as the roof, available to hotel guests only. Otherwise, some suggestions are below. If you want to consider non-restaurant viewing points from the Hong Kong side, let me know, I would put those together in a separate post.

Restaurants Kowloon side

The Intercontintal hotel next door to your hotel has a few options: from the very expensive Nobu and Spoon restaurants to the more moderate Habourside Grill (I am fairly sure the latter takes reservations); they also have a lobby bar which would probably take reservations for that night (and will have a 2 drink minimum at least; not sure of your kids ages either). All have large - -and in some cases like the lobby, enormous - - windows with unobstructed views looking right out onto the harbour and any would be a very good choice.

The funky and expensive Felix restaurant on top of the Peninsula hotel would be quite memorable for the fireworks, as would the more moderate Hutong or one of the other restaurants on the top of One Peking Road (for Hutong, see and make a reservation ASAP). For Hutong, you do not need a window table, really any of the tables offer a nice view (they have made booths out of wooden Chinese wedding beds along the wall which are quite nice for a group IMO), and for the fireworks portion you can always walk over to the window if you want a bit of a better view. The Sheraton across the street from your hotel also has a seafood restaurant with a nice view, you could try that as well. I believe that the Mortonís Steakhouse in the Sheraton also has a harbour view, but I have not been there myself so canít really vouch for it.

The casual and quite good Habitu The Pier restaurant in the Ocean Terminal/Harbour City Mall would be a good place, they have a nice outdoor deck, but you donít necessary need an outdoor table as you can just go outside during the fireworks, I would contact them right now for a table (Call 852-3101-0901, no website) , There are some other restaurants in this mall which also have harbour views, try the Quarterdeck or California Piazza Kitchen (no outdoor terrace for either) or see the mall guide at (not every restaurant listed there as having a harbour view would be good for the fireworks, but you may have time to check some out and see what you like).

I think that the restaurants in the hotels behind the behind the Ocean Terminal/Harbour City Mall may not be so good for viewing, as I think they would be orientated too much to the west, but two restaurants there with harbour views would be are Cucina in the Marco Polo Hotel ( and Pierside in the
Royal Pacific Hotel & Towers ( You might make a booking and then take a look at them while you are there to see what you think: IMO if you cannot see the Bank of China building clearly, then IMO, you will miss a good bit of the fireworks which take place more in front of and to the east (left) of that building.

Restaurants Hong Kong Side

On the Hong Kong side, the Watermark restaurant right ON TOP of the Star Ferry Building would be a very good place to see the fireworks, go to and make a reservation now. The Quarterdeck Restaurant on the waterfront in Wan Chai would normally be my first recco; my concern currently is the huge amount of land reclamation going on now in front of it which somewhat spoils the sea view, but for the fireworks they certainly have the best seat in town as you will be looking up and not over the water they have a very nice outdoor deck, and good casual food, on the moderate side (great deserts). See

Either of the two restaurants at SEVVA would be a good choice, again you would not have a seat for the fireworks as almost none of their tables have views, but you could go outside onto their huge terrace for the actual 25 minutes or so of fireworks, contact them right now for a table, the Harbourside is more casual and moderate than the Bankside restaurant. ( Another possibility is the Fish Bar in the JW Marriott which is outdoors by their pool, you would have to step outside to the pool area to see the fireworks, but this may work; they also have a lobby lounge with huge windows and they may be offering a special meal that night (normally the lounge is only open for lunch). The expensive Petrus at the Conrad or the Pierre in the Mandarin would have a quite nice view; I am not a huge fan of Pierre, but quite like Petrus. The Italian restaurant in the Grand Hyatt has some tables with good harbour views, as does their Cantonese restaurant there, and another place to think about would be their poolside restaurant on their huge outdoor pool deck, which would have very good views for the fireworks and has a BBQ buffet most nights, casual and good for a family (not necessarily cheap). Finally, there are a number of quite casual restaurants, many with outdoor seating, on the elevated walkways leading to the Convention Centre which may also work, IMO these will tend to be mobbed. I canít recco one in particular, but you could do a recci a few days before and see what appeals.

Up on the Peak, where firework views are actually quite nice (as you gaze down on them from above), Pearl on the Peak would offer a good perspective (tel 852-2849-5123 no website). Another possibility is Café Deco, but a window table here would be quite important and views are a little oblique and to the west, and the views are a bit better than the food //

I think that the restaurants in the IFC Mall may just be a tad too far west to appreciate the fireworks, but I could be wrong on that, having never actually been there for any of the fireworks, so you could consider would be the wonderful Lumiere/Cuisine Cuisine ( or the quite good ISOLA (

For activities during the official 3-day public holiday, note that virtually ALL of Hong Kong will be closed on Monday January 26. Ferries, buses and the MTR will be running, and restaurants in hotels will be open; but basically every shop and restaurant outside of hotels will be closed (that includes supermarkets and pharmacies). Museums will be closed. You can still do things like take ferry rides and do walks/hikes but it will be very quiet; itís actually kind of fun to walk downtown Central and compare it to other days (although there will be many Filipina maids out). IMO the night before the first day of the New Year, i.e. Sunday January 25 would be a good time to go to the Peak for the late afternoon and evening, as local crowds should be small as everyone will be at home or traveling to their relativesí for their evening ďreunion dinnerĒ with family; a small caveat to this is that Jan 25 is a Sunday, so people may be out until later in the day and then go on to the reunion dinner.

Many things will still be closed on January 27 like schools and government offices, but some larger shops and many restaurants (esp non-Chinese restaurants) will reopen on the 27th. I would avoid the Peak on the 27th unless you have a restaurant reservation, as is it likely to be mobbed, same with the 28th. Most shops and restaurants will be open by the 28th although small mom-and-pop places may remain closed that day and/or the rest of the week. (The economic situation at that time may also mean more closures for the entire week as well.)

There is a large flower market in Victoria Park in Causeway Bay that runs up until midnight on Sunday January 25 that is worth a visit at some point before it closes.

I donít think that there is much information yet about the parade. You might ask your hotel if they know the exact route at this point, and whether they can obtain tickets for you for the viewing stands.

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