Dream trip itinerary

May 3rd, 2005, 03:29 PM
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Karen, I like the sentiment behind your screen name.
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May 6th, 2005, 08:33 PM
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Hello Karen,

This is my opnions regarding your trip.
- There is a disadvantage for pre-booking the trip. What if you feel you want to stay back for a few days more at place A or B ? Secondly, it is cost more. Most of the place you want to visit can be booked/arranged locally when you get there, and it will incredibly save you much more. I can give you an ex.: Halong bay, sapa, hue/Hoi An, Angkor wat, Chiang mai can be easily arranged once you get there and you would be surprised how much money you can saved. (I am not sure youre on budget or else).
_ For the airline within Asia, I can give you an ex as i took the trip in May/June last year. I used VN airline from Hanoi to Hue, and from Saigon(HCM) to Siemreap (one day in advance), bangkok airway from SiemReap to BKK(booked in the morning and flew out at night), Air asia from BKK to Singapore (2 weeks in advanced to get the super cheap fare).
- This how ive done. I flew into Hanoi doing Halong, sapa, etc.. and flew to Hue, took a opentour bus to Hoi an (5 hour bus), then headed to Nha trang for few days, then continued on Saigon, anf flew out and to Siem Reap, then to BKK.
- In Vietnam : there are many open tour companies that you can sign on one day before.Angkor wat, you can ask the hotel reception to arrange you the trip. same to BKK/Chiang mai. It is very easy and safe to travel and arrange on your own.
- Is is easy for me to say since i am a guy but i have met so many single female who done evrything on their own on that trip.
- One month in Asia is kind of short.
Sapa tour is minimum 2d/1n, best is 3d/2n). halong can do it in 1 day. Most of the people i know did 2d/1n ( they want to sleep on the boat in that beautiful bay). Hoi an can do in 2 d/1n but i recommend 3days if you want to have some clothes tailored. Hue 2 full days/1n. BKK, well, one week is not enough.Chiang mai 2d/1n.Angkor wat 3 d/2n. All of this are just my opnions.
- As you mentioned that youre not preferred big hotel then VN and Angkor wat are relatively easy to get place to stay.
- Nov-Feb SE Asia is in high season (Vietnam, Angkor wat, Thailand)and the weather is best: dry and mild (hanoi/sapa/halong is cold, need additional layer of clothes).
I believe you will have a great time in SE Asia. It is addictive once youve been there.
I have many hi-quality pics at this link : http://free.dominoserver.de/travel/h...toloc?readform.
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May 7th, 2005, 05:17 AM
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Thanks for all the advice so far! I'm going to be gone (to Africa!) for the next two weeks and so will put this out of my mind for now. Will be back later with probably more questions. I talked to my daughter last night and we may try to squeeze out a couple more days. (Is it best if I have questions that are different from the tenor of this thread but still related to this trip to start a new thread - which I did with regard to buying airline tickets from different starting points for me and my daughter - or is it best to keep everything in the same thread, even if the topic is slightly different?)
Thanks again! Be back soon!
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Jun 25th, 2005, 05:13 PM
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Sigh. My daughter is thinking about joining the Peace Corps... meaning that this dream trip may be put on hold. But I'll keep you posted!
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