Beijing and Hong Kong

Jul 16th, 2005, 02:59 PM
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Beijing and Hong Kong

I'm off on a business trip this coming Tuesday to Beijing and Hong Kong.

I arrive in Beijing Weds. evening and have Thursday and then the weekend as free time. I think I know how I want to spend my free time... I definitely want to go to the Great Wall (Mu Tian Yu from what I've read) - would folks in the know suggest dragging my butt out there early Thursday without the weekend crowds after travelling for nearly 24 hours, or wait till the weekend when I feel fresher?

I'm staying at the Great Wall Sheraton - any suggestions for restaurants near there?

In Hong Kong I'm staying at the Grand Hyatt HK - again, any good restaurants near there? I'll be there with a free weekend - what should I do?

In both cities, what are the best things to shop for and where? Guidelines about bargaining or not?

Thanks in advance for any help and advice!

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Jul 16th, 2005, 07:04 PM
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for Beijing I am guessing you should avoid the weekend but I think others would be better placed to confirm to you.

For HK, the restaurants that I like (which are not particularly near you but taxis / public transport is quick and easy)are:

Yi Jiang Nan: Staunton Street - really nice Shanghainese food in a cute restaurant

Maxims at City Hall for dim sum - though get there early to avoid queuing.

The Chinese restaurant in the Grand Hyatt which does dim sum is supposed to be very good indeed according to my husband.

HK is of course famous for its electronics but I'm not an expert so I would just go to the chain stores to buy them. Though if you don't have an ipod, they are pretty cheap if you order them online.
(probably need a HK address though)

If you want trinkets / fake goods / cheap and cheerful - Ladies Market & Temple Street Market on Kowloon side - bargain hard!

If you want ladies cheap clothes - Granville Street in Kowloon has cute shops. I don't think bargaining is the done thing here.

If you want smart cheap work wear - G2000 (stores everywhere).
Giordano is great for basic good quality but cheap t-shirts and casual wear. They also do some smart stuff in their Giordano Ladies stores.
I found Bossini good for very cheap sports wear too.
G2000, Giordano, Bossini, U2 etc are all chains and can be found all over - though I find Causeway Bay great cos they're all concentrated in one space.

Usually bargain at the market stalls. Not at the shops.

have fun!
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Jul 16th, 2005, 08:00 PM
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Don't buy electronics in Hong Kong. iPods are cheaper in the US.
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Jul 17th, 2005, 05:59 AM
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bkkmei, thanks for all the good Hong Kong info!

Any other advice about which time I should go to the Great Wall at Mu Tian Yu? I arrive Weds. night, would I better off dragging my butt out there early Thursday without the weekend crowds after travelling for nearly 24 hours, or waiting till the weekend when I feel fresher? Any restaurants in Beijing near the Great Wall Sheraton? Is there anything that IS good for shopping in Beijing (I am not interested in illegal anything)?

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Jul 17th, 2005, 09:06 AM
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Hi Kathy
Just remembered another place I pop into when I am in Hong Kong:
Shanghai Tang - beautiful silk dresses, tops, funky bags, cute memorbilia. Just very very expensive!!

Also a lot of tourists like to visit Stanley market on the south side of HOng Kong island - a lot of trinkets and souvenir items. Apparently overpriced. I didn't really hang out there though...

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Jul 17th, 2005, 01:36 PM
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It depends on what you're interested in shopping for?? Souvenirs? Clothes? Jewelry?? Knock-offs?? DVD's??
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Jul 17th, 2005, 03:21 PM
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BigJim, strange as it may sound, I like to shop for what are good deals where I'm traveling, vs. figuring out what I want and then where I can get it. I am NOT interested in Knock-offs or illegal/bootleg anything, but the rest of the things you listed would interest me: so....clothes, jewelry, souvenirs are interesting. If you have any advice, great!

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Jul 17th, 2005, 04:35 PM
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I don't recall being that tired on the day after I arrived in Beijing from the DC area. If I had to choose, though, between being a little tired and all of the crowds, I would choose a little tired.

I can't help you on shopping because I'm one of those women who HATE to shop.

Have a good time -- I loved China.
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Jul 19th, 2005, 01:28 AM
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Definitely go to Great Wall (Mu Tian Yu) on weekend after re-fresh. It takes hours of travel from Beijing. After your long flight and hours to the Great Wall, you will be exhausted even before reaching the Great Wall. You won't enjoy it then.
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Jul 19th, 2005, 06:29 PM
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I stayed at the Grand Hyatt in November for my sons wedding, you will love it. Make sure you have lunch or dinner at One Harbor Road right in the hotel. Outstanding views of the harbor and the food and service was great. HK was a fantastic city, can't wait to go back.
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Jul 20th, 2005, 02:50 AM
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What a pity, I see this information is too late, I wish you can see my suggestion . Talk about the Great Wall of Beijing, I think you go to the Jian kou Great Wall , if you like to climb the mountain. It is very famous in the outdoor tourist in Beijing. It is dangerously steep , some local slope is up to 70, old brick and tile, unvarnished at all, keep the primitive style and features .
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Jul 21st, 2005, 01:55 AM
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Thanks, everybody, for all your helpful suggestions. I'm in Beijing now, just back from wandering around Tiananmen (sp?) Square and the Forbidden City. It turns out I have a free day on Tuesday next week, so I'll go to the Great Wall then. If anybody has more suggestions for either Beijing or Hong Kong - restaurants, or anything else, I'll check back off and on.

Thank you!
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Jul 21st, 2005, 02:47 AM
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as you have more time in Beijing and as you seem to like the odd bit of shopping...

ask the hotel if the Silk market is open. They shut down the openair one and have moved it indoors apparently. A lof of fake stuff here, but also other silk items e.g. pyjamas. A lot of Russians filling up massive plastic bags with stuff!!

If you like antiques and Mao memoribilia, check out Panjiayuan.

For both the above bargain hard!

Houhai is a nice area with bars and restos behind a lake. It's pretty new but a lot of things change quickly in China.
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