Tips to survive a really crowded flight?

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Originally Posted by zebec
True story from our recent French vacation arrival flight.
Part way through the flight, a young woman approached our wing-exit area and proceeded to lay sideways on the floor, partway into the aisle. There, she read for a while, then after her head began to droop with fatigue, she literally rolled onto her front and fell asleep. ... Understand, it was not a big deal for us personally, she wasn't really encroaching on our space, but I'll bet that those with full bladders who were tryna access the WC were not best pleased to have to step over her prone body.
OMG! That's brilliant disgusting!

Originally Posted by Jean
I can't imagine wanting to lay on the floor, esp. anywhere near the WC. Ick. Just ick.
I know! She should at least have used a sleeping bag.
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I was trying to figure out which category that sleeping young woman (nationality unknown) belonged to:

1) spoiled heiress who wasn't used to hearing the word no (or 'non'---editor).
2) favoured daughter of a cult leader who'd been treated as the golden child since birth by everyone at the commune.
3) college gal high on some new drug.
4) person living with a form of autism who'd yet to learn all the correct social norms.
5) PSY doctoral candidate from the Sorbonne who was performing a sanctioned experiment to see how we would all react.
6) PSY doctoral candidate from the Sorbonne who was performing a non-sanctioned experiment to see how we would all react.
7) all of the above.

I am done. The end.

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@ zebec: Good list of hypotheses!
I'd rule out # 5 -- no one in their right mind would sanction an experiment with so many health risks, and not just for her, but for her faculty (who would risk catching anything she caught).
Truly fascinating, truly icky.
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My oddest ever experience with fellow passenger was on a flight from Hong Kong to Saigon some 30 years ago. I had been served an inflight meal of a very grey, very cold and inedible bowl of noodles. A while later I smelt the most delicious aroma coming from somewhere behind me. I then noticed a sizzling sound. I got up to investigue the source of these delicious food aromas and to find out why I wasn’t getting any. Then I found it - A Chinese guy sitting cross legged on the floor cooking in a wok on a stove. Pretty sure he wasn’t crew but no one seemed to care...
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Crellston I'm surprised the man wasn't selling the food he was cooking. I'm sure he would have made some good money. I know I despise airplane food. I once turned it down and the flight attendant said " I see you've dined with us before". My friend thought it hilarious.

Other than economy, I can only afford economy plus on occasion. I don't track up miles like others so when east, I choose the window seat if I am flying with people I know. If by myself, it's the aisle. I take my pillow which is full in length to lean on along with meds to help me doze as I can't sleep sitting up.
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Just meditate and chant the economy class mantra: "The plane is the bus. The plane is the bus. The plane ..."
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This reminds me of my September flight from Almaty to Astana. The flight lasted just two hours but as it turned there low cost flight tickets cost pretty much the same as train tickets but flying is x times faster (plain ticket costs $26.. cheapest train ticket costs $ time almost a day..the fastest train arrives in Astana in 13 hrs and the price is $30.. no wonder majority chooses travelling by air) so a dozen of students were travelling as well and that was like some sorority + fraternity party. A couple of times we asked a flight attendant to calm them down - worked for just 5 minutes. Then I did try to meditate and not to listen to that noise - worked probably for ten minutes. Then I asked my boyfriend to bore me to sleep with his IT stuff - that worked and since I'm a sound sleeper, I didn't wake up till we landed
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