Northwest Scam

Old Mar 18th, 2000, 06:35 AM
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Northwest Scam

Most airlines request a credit card number to hold a reservation until midnight. When I asked the customer service rep at Northwest if they required a credit card to hold the reservation, the rep snarled back "Yes we do sir". That attitude alone was enough for me to consider another airline...which I did. Imagine my surprise and anger when I received confirmation in the mail that I had purchased the ticket from Northwest!

After calling Northwest and explaining my situation, the new rep said "Well, that may be the policy of other airlines, but not Northwest". I told her to have someone at Northwest play back the tape in my original conversation and see if fraud wasn't committed. Instead of being apologetic, SHE had the gall to say that I shouldn't get upset with her! Five minutes later, she said my Visa would be credited. NEVER AGAIN will I fly NORTHWEST or deal with these rude and unscrupulous people!

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Don't feel bad. About a year ago, I called Hyatt (my favorite hotel chain) to look at costs in the Cayman Islands. They gave me a quote, which I thought was more money than necessary, so decided we would go somewhere else. Later in the week I received a confirmation for 7 nights in the Cayman Islands....the person that I was speaking with took it upon himself to make the reservation and charge one night to our CC. Okay you ask? How did they get your CC number. Well, it goes on file whenever you stay there if you are a Gold Passport member. Well, they cancelled the "reservation", gave us a free night somewhere, and were very sorry for what had happened. It just takes one "bad apple" so to speak. What is worse is if I had not opened the letter from Hyatt, we would have been billed for 7 nights at about $400 per night plus tax.
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Every large company has %5 jerks that work for them. I fly Norhtwest all the time and have never had a problem. Please don't judge a company by one goofball person. I make it a point to write down the person's name that I'm speaking with so if they do screw up they get in trouble. Happy travelling.
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I have never heard of any airline requiring a credit card to *hold* a reservation. Even doing this through a travel agent does not require a credit card. A hold is typically until midnight the day after the hold is placed. If no further contact is received from the passenger, the airline cancels the hold.
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I fly Northwest alot as well and am surprised that you received bad customer service from them. I have had nothing but good experiences with them. I certainly would write a letter to the appropriate people. I had a very bad experice with American, wrote a letter and received a nice response. Good luck.

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