Meeting Unaccompained Minor at Gate

Old Mar 14th, 2002, 08:04 AM
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Meeting Unaccompained Minor at Gate

I have two kids, ages 13 and 14 who have never flown alone and not since Sept. 11 who will be flying from Denver to Chicago. I have heard that I might be able to walk them to the gate with a pass from the ticket counter with proof of who I am but I am wondering if they can be met at the gate on the other end or will they just have to find thier way to baggage on thier own. Im sure they will be fine doing this although they and I have some anxiety about it. Would just like to know for sure if anybody has any direct experience. Cant really get a straight answer from the airlines.
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The person picking them up will also have to go to the ticket counter to get the pass to meet them from what I've heard.
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Why not ease your worries and call the airline that your children are flying on? They should be able to advise you on this. Simple solution!
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My last sentence was that I cant really get a straight answer from the airline. Wish is was that simple. They cannot guarantee that they can be met at the gate. Thats why I was asking if anyone out there had any direct experience.
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In the old days your travel agent would be able to help. Unfortunately airlines want you to go on-line for customer service and decided to eliminate the professionals that hold the answer to your simple question. It usded to be our job. I hope you will be able to find the answer that will put your soul at rest. Good luck and keep smiling
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Security is a big issue, too. I think you can still pay an "unaccompanied minor" charge and have an attendant escort them to a designated meeting spot. Maybe you should fly also and pay the $$ for peace of mind.
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My husband and I do this every year with his daughter on American. What airline are you with? I can give you exact details of how American handles it.....even after 9/11. Let me know if I can help you out with some answers.
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Dulcie, I would be insistant that they not have to negotiate O'Hare alone. Who is the person in Chicago who will meet them? A relative?

I would call the airline (United?) again, be insistant, ask to speak to a supervisor, and ask them what it will take to allow the relative to meet them -- instead of just asking if it's possible. Offer a notarized letter in the possession of the "greeter" from you or FAX to the airline or whatever. Otherwise, demand that the airline take responsibility for getting them to their "greeter." The kids are too old for the fed. law regarding "guardian passes" to apply, but recent snafus with traveling minors should make the airlines sit up and take notice.

You could also call O'Hare and ask to talk to head of security and ask what standard procedure is. People HAVE to be able to be met under certain circumstances, so there has to be a way.

(And, Ben, enough with posting some comment about the lamentable loss of travel agent services on EVERY SINGLE query -- all that's lost is the agents' commission from the airlines. If a travel agent could help here, that's fine, but if not, it's the agents' own choice. Let's be helpful to Dulcie instead of soapboxing and shaking irrelevant fingers.)

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