Headaches during landing

Old Nov 18th, 1998, 03:43 PM
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Headaches during landing

For some reason my message won't post so I'll try a reply.

I experience excruciating headaches during aircraft descent. The pain is located behind my eyes and across my forehead. Does anybody else have this problem and is there anything that can help.
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This is where sinuses are located. I had the same type of problem. I started taking decongestant/antihistamine combo about an hour before takeoff. The pill may wear off and you will have to take more while you are in the air. This has taken care of the my pain. You may also have a problem with pressure equilization. You can chew gum, plug your nose and mouth and blow gently or you might want to try a product called Ear Planes. I tried the Ear Planes, they worked but I didn't like the way they felt in my ears. Good Luck, I hope you find the answer to your problem.
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You're headaches could be caused by dehydration after the long, very dry flight. Try drinking lots of water, and no alcohol or caffeine during the flight.
Old Nov 28th, 1998, 02:14 PM
sandra engley
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Due to sinus troubles I always take one Sudafed before a flight, and back it up with another before the first one wears off, about three hours later. Instead of two pills every four hours.
Unfortunately if you have a cold, you are at a terible disadvantage, doctors have explained to me if you blow your nose in flight, the pressure builds up inside your head, as the plane descends there is no place for the pressure to go, causing the pain. Last night had a two hour flight from Tampa to Pittsburgh, I sniffled into a tissue, never blew my nose and still had sharp pain from behind my eyes and ear, but it was not as bad as the one time in 1980 that I traveled with a cold, blew my nose several times, and thought my head would explode. This time the bad part was kowing I had to get back on another plane, the connecting flight and go thru it one more time in order to get home.

If at all possible I have read don't travel with a cold, after surgery, or a visit to the dentist as wounds not completly healed can get airpockets in them that will cause pain on descent.
Hope this helps. Sandra
Old Oct 12th, 2000, 12:46 PM
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Message: Kerry

I have had very bad headaches and earaches whenever I fly. It happens during takeoff and landing. I have found a perfect treatment. Before takeoff I put Swimmers ear drops in each ear, then a piece of cotton. I do this right before landing also. I've been using this for over 15 years and not only do I not get headaches, my ears *NEVER* clog up or pop! You can get Swimmers Ear Drops at any drug store, K-mart, etc. It is very inexpensive and really works!
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Thats sounds like sinus pain alright, which can be agonising. All those nasal decongestants work well, but remember to do the valsalva manouevre frequently as you descend. (Thats where you hold your nose and try to exhale out your nose, 'popping' your ears) The more frequently you do that, the easier it is to equalise the pressure backing up. Most flights carry some form of decongestant on board in case you forget your own. Dehydration can cause problems too, so drink lots of water, and avoid the caffeine.
I haven't tried those swimmer drop before, they really work? As for stuffing cotton wool down your ears, this won't protect your sinus's at all and can lead to infections unless you swab your ears out thoroughly. Get the disposable ear plugs instead, not only are they more effective at drowning out that screaming child 2 rows in front, they won't leave parts of them behind.
Safe flying.
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I had this problem a couple of years ago and literally thought I was experiencing an aneurism, the pain was so incredible. Even worse, it took a full 24 hours to completely go away! Since then, I have always taken a 12 hour Sudafed about 2 hrs before flight time and used a nasal decongestant spray at the beginning of the flight. Haven't had a problem since, thank goodness!
Old Mar 31st, 2001, 04:12 PM
sarah rey
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Kerry, I've had the identical problem. It is a frightening pain alright! I was very very scared. Sometimes it happens, other times not. Follow the advice of the above posters.
Old Apr 1st, 2001, 07:25 AM
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Definitely sounds like sinus congestion. I take Drixoral non-drowsy and use Flonase, along with regular sprays of saline nasal drops. The air is so dry in pressurized cabins, your nasal passages sometimes react by drying out and/or clogging up.

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