getting bumped off

Jan 20th, 1999, 05:56 AM
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getting bumped off

I am a travel idget... don't get out much. If I have a ticket and confirmed seats can I still get bumped from a flight? I will be travelling coast to coast with a 3 and 5 yo, and don't even know what questions to ask to make it go better.
Jan 20th, 1999, 08:21 AM
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Techinically Yes. BUT I don't think airlines are likely to kick-off a family. More apt to bump solo-travellers, etc. The best biggest problem comes in Winter, with the bad weather and lots of cancelled flights, then everybody gets screwed up.

To avoid the possibility the best thing to do is show up in plenty of time for the check-in, so that you get your seats, and boarding pass. To rest your mind, you could call the airline and check how full the flight is, if it isn't near capacity don't worry.
Jan 21st, 1999, 10:56 AM
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Be advised that an airline isn't just going to automatically bump you if the flight is overbooked. First, they will ask for volunteers, and there are usually plenty of people who are willing to give up their seats. No one will expect a family with young children to do so.
Jan 26th, 1999, 06:11 AM
Paul Rabe
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Couple of ways to avoid being bumped -- arrive as early as possible, check in at the gate, and get your boarding passes. Also, join the airline's frequent flier program (all are free). Neither of these will guarantee you won't get bumped, but they'll make it less likely. No matter whether or not you get bumped voluntarily or involuntarily, the airlines will try to make it worth your while. After all, you have a signed contract stating the airline will fly you on this flight; they are, in effect, re-negotiating a contract they made with you.
Jan 30th, 1999, 08:35 AM
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My husband and I have been bumped several times. Here's my advice: arrive early, and when you check in at the gate, ask if the flight is full, and if so, will they be needing any volunteers. Ask to put your name down on the list. That way, you will be first, and they usually honor that list.

Another important step is to look at all the flights to your destination for that day. For instance, we have been bumped from the same flight on TWA twice, where we have connected in ST Louis on our way home to Austin. It is the 5:30 flight on Sunday. Your best bet for getting bumped is on a Friday night or Sunday. We also reserve the next to the last flight for the day. That way, we will still make it home that night, usually only 2 hours later, and we have now ended up with 2 free flights!

Look for popular routes, those that are often sold out. Those that connect through hubs are the best bet.
Jan 30th, 1999, 08:36 AM
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I'm sorry! I just read all the postings, and I now realize that you do not want to be bumped. I apologise... I thought you wnated to be bumped so that you could get free tickets.
Mar 7th, 1999, 06:27 PM
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I have never gotten bumped off of my flight but make sure that you have seat assignments before the flight and get to the airport at least 1 to 1-1/2 hours early. (esp. with the kids in tow). It is very likely that you will end up in a completely full flight, mine all are when going cross country, so check the bags. The kids will have enough carry on of their own toys and games. I recommend backpacks for everyone with their personal gear and some clean clothes in case a bag does get lost. Another thread that I saw suggested putting some of your things into your travel partners luggage and vice versa. Don't forget gum, drinks and snacks. You don't want to depend on the airline service. The meals are smaller and smaller. (I have been on flights lately with nothing at all but a can of coke.) You can order special meals for the kids and yourself also. Just call the airline customer service. There are some children's books about flying that you can read before the trip so the kids have some idea of what to expect. Be vigilant in the airport gate in case there are any changes to the flight. It is nearly impossible to hear the announcements. Try not to panic too much if your flight is late. The airlines are judged by there on time arrivals and often my late departure will arrive on time or close to. DON"T EVER TAKE THE LAST FLIGHT OUT! That is the only time I have been stuck anywhere, and the airline will do little to help you. Good Luck and be safe.

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