Frequent Flyer programs for children

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Frequent Flyer programs for children

Hi all:
This year we decided to start taking our 2 year old on our trips. My wife and I fly pretty extensively. How do F.F. programs work for small children? Once our son accumulates certain number of miles for a free trip, would we - the parent - be able to book a free flight for him? Anyone has any knowledge on that?
Thank you.
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I don't see why not - as long as he is a paying customer. Our son accumulated FF miles from age 3, but never had enough for a flight.
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You would have no trouble booking tickets using your son's ff account. I am still booking tickets using up the ff miles that my late husband accrued.
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Children can accrue ff miles the same as an adult. Parents transact everything until they turn 18. Children can also be medallion or elite or whatever an airline calls its premier flyer program.

Miles are an asset and are therefore inheritable. You need a death certificate and some type of document stating who inherits. Airlines differ on what they require.

Miles are also considered an asset in divorce.
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The airlines only require death certificate etc. if you tell them that the member is dead. Otherwise, whoever has the account info can just use the miles. I've even gotten my late husband an AmEx card on my account, so I can top off his miles on a couple of airlines. Just don't want to waste all those miles!
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The "right" way to go about it would be to have the miles transfered to your own account then top them off yourself.

I'm sure you have your reasons for doing it the way you're doing it, but I believe it could be construed as fraudulent.

That said, I am sorry for your loss.
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My experience on AA has been my daughter receives FF mileage, awards and benefits just as any other FF. The parent is able to utilize the account per the program rules. AA has allowed me to access her account for awards for her and others (me). UA has requested I go to the ticket office if I wanted an award for another person not named as the account holder.

Before you make divorce or death plans you might want to check the specific program rules. Here's an example of one:

Accrued mileage and certificates do not constitute property of the member. Neither accrued mileage nor certificates are transferable (i) upon death, (ii) as part of a domestic relations matter, or (iii) otherwise by operation of law.

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Re: Miles and death/divorce.
My experience has been with Delta in both instances.
The miles are inheritable. I've dealt with this twice unfortunately.

In divorce cases, divorce attorneys bring it up and they are considered a marital asset in the state of Alabama.

This is only my own personal experience and only with Delta miles.
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You can always request a free ticket for your child via your account -or- sign your child up for their own account. JAL, Air France, Cathay Pacific, and China Airlines have FFP avail. for kids, too. Even if your child resides in the U.S., it will still make sense to sign them up with Air France, for example, because Delta is a mileage partner in the AF child's program, so he/she can fly Delta domestically. The program for Air France is called 'Frequence Jeune' when you make the phone call to sign him up.
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Kids have the same privileges as any frequent flyer. Both of my boys are have United Premier status and upgrade with my wife and I on all our trips.
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