DUB Customs Preclearance Questions

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DUB Customs Preclearance Questions

Flying DUB - PHL on AA in mid-May. Have never flown out of an airport that offers customs preclearance, so have some questions:

- Normally, I arrive about 2hrs. prior to departure. Should I arrive even earlier, so I ensure time to get cleared? I have Global Entry, so does it speed things up, like it does in the U.S.?

- Does this mean that if the flight is precleared, we just pull up to a "regular" gate at PHL & will not have to go through any screening? In other words, is it treated like a domestic U.S. flight?

- Can you shop for duty-free items? How does that work? Can you get perfumes, alcohol & other liquids without worrying about the 3 oz rule?

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I flew out of DUB to the US a few months ago. The lines for Pre-clearance were very long and it took about 20 minutes to get from where we entered the "Pre-clearance area and got on the TSA_Pre-check line till we actually arrived at the Security checkpoint. That wasn't the worst part. Just prior to getting to the Security Checkpoint (there were only about 8 people in front of us at this point) there was a snafu with the immigration computers so everything came to a screeching halt for about 30 minutes and no-one was allow through Security). We had Global Entry, so once through security we breezed through Immigration using the GE kiosks. The backup at Immigration for those people without GE was horrendous. All told, we spent almost an hour getting through the Pre-Clearance process. So, give yourself at least 2 hours - more if you aren't able to check-in and get your boarding passes on-line, especially if not flying Business or First Class.

To answer your other question, when you arrive in the US you just deplane, claim any checked luggage and leave the airport. It's just like a domestic flight.

It's been a long time since I did any Duty Free shopping but my recollection is the items you purchase will be delivered to you when you board the aircraft so you won't have to worry about the 3 oz. rule.

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I have flown through both the Dubai and Abu Dhabi airports. The emirates are "dry" but both had huge duty-free booze supermarkets in their secure areas. Passengers can shop both before take-off and after landing. As in most duty-free operations, the purchases are sealed in bags which can be carried in the passenger cabin.
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Southam - OP is asking about a Dublin (Airport Code - DUB) to JFK flight not a flight from Dubai (Airport Code DXB) or Abu Dhabi (Airport Code AHU).

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Really? Just lost my whole dam post. It is easy. Get there three hours early but 2.5 is usually plenty of time. Duty free after first security clearance. You can sample and drink to your heart's content. Lots of other stores. Sit by the big departure screen and your gate will pop up and tell you when to head through USA security. You go down the escalator. I have always gone through fast and then customs and immigration. You then head to gate where there is another duty free and sometimes cheaper prices. I bought gin there and Method and Madness from Jameson. I have come home with four bottles, husband the same. There is always something you can't get that they only sell in Ireland or in duty free so we bring that home. I love two brands of Irish gin I can't get in Fl and my husbands buys his. John Lane.
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Geez, sounds like we have a drinking problem. You can buy food, cosmetics, perfume etc and they zip the bag shut for security. There are places to eat and other shops plus a big drugstore with decent packaged sandwiches.
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I shopped duty-free at Dublin about a year ago - as an aside they had great prices on Diptyque, better than I saw in France or the US. I donít recall the preclearance adding undue time (unlike in Canada once), and I did not have global entry (but flew business class although not sure it made a difference).
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The emirates are "dry" but both had huge duty-free booze supermarkets in their secure areas.

I realize we're not talking about Dubai anymore, but FWIW only Sharjah is dry.

When we lived in Saudi we'd often visit Dubai precisely because it wasn't dry.

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"Abu Dhabi (Airport Code AHU)" - the airport code for Abu Dhabi is AUH.
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