Delta and Exorbitant Fees

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Delta and Exorbitant Fees

I spoke with a Delta agent today 1:00 on August 6, 2002.
I bought two tickets on on July 29, 2002 for a trip from Dulles to Orlando and back. My other two friends had also bought two tickets on this flight. Before I bought the tickets, I specially looked for any restrictions on the tickets. When I saw there was no restrictions, I proceeded to buy the tickets.

Today, I called Delta to see if I could change a name on the ticket. They informed me that they could not switch the names on the tickets. This ticket is not for this week, it's for a week and half in advance travel. I would be traveling on Aug 18th but they were not able to assist me at all.

I spoke with two service persons before I got Tino, the "manager". One suggestion, before you move on to the next service person, remember to get the names of everyone you spoke with. I forgot to do it here.

I spent an hour and half on the phone with the customer service person named Tino Herrnandez, Delta Reservations Desk, located Dallas, TX. He bull-dozed a few times meaning, he kept saying the same information again even before I explained my problem.

I have had problems with this airline before that I had swept under the rug. But, $130 fee for a name change for travel two weeks ahead is too much.

I am a sky miles traveler that will not choose to fly Delta again and make sure none of my friends do so either.

More information here:
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Unfortunately, you will not find all of the restrictions and rules of ticketing, and of transport, on the airline's Web site. All those rules are contained in a document called their "tariffs." You need to read through them, or ask very specific questions, to learn of all the restrictions. Apparently, the airlines do not need to volunteer anything up front if it is in the tariffs.

The tariffs can be obtained by asking for a copy at any airline counter. They should have it there or will be able to mail a copy.

Having said that, the airlines have gotten ridiculous in scrambling to hang on to every penny since they cut the travel agents loose. I'm not surprised they are being recalcitrant in this matter. They have the letter of the law (or rules, at least) on their side and won't give it up.
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That is extremely unfair for a company to do so, to hide information from consumers. To do so online makes the case even more unforgivable.

I am frequent online shopper and this has to be one of the most outrageous things I have seen. Other airlines have not been this bad.

I do agree that their unability to help me may be connected to their business problems since they have recently reported a loss:

What is amazing to me is why they would choose to anger a customer and lose business than could be incurred by solving my problem?

I really hope others will learn from my experience.
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Ben There
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While I am certainly no fan of Delta, you should be aware that changing the name on a ticket with any airline is - and has been even prior to the current heightened security - a big deal, in all classes of service whether restricted or not. I have rarely, if ever, seen this done. It's sort of a "no substitution" rule. When you purchase a ticket, it is a contract between the airline and the person named on that ticket - not even with the person paying for the ticket, but the person listed as the passenger.
Is Delta actually charging you a $130 fee to change names, or are they requiring you to cancel the original ticket, and apply the cost plus the additional $130 toward purchase of a new ticket in the new name? That would be the more typical and standard industry practice. It may not make sense at first blush, but remember that airlines are required to document passenger names on flight manifests, and allowing such substitutions would pose a security risk. (May even be in violation of some regulation)
The lesson is - remember that when you buy a ticket it is good only for the passenger named.
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Names changes and restrictions are two different things. It doesn't matter when you are flying a name change is a name change and you have to pay for it. If you thought you would be changing a name on the ticket you should have asked up front what the charge is to do so.

Years ago, you could fly on anyone's ticket. Unfortunately that hasn't been the case in a long, long time.
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Name changes are not permitted so the fee is not for a simple name change. What they are doing is cancelling and reissueing the ticket at the current price, which is a standard practice of all airlines.

From the airline's perspective, if name changes were permitted, what would stop someone who had no intention of travelling from buying up tickets during fare sales and reselling them later?
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Maybe you should have your friend change his name to match the ticket. That used to cost only %50 or so. If he wants he can change it back when he returns and still come out ahead.
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If Delta will change a name on a ticket for 130.00 you are lucky, not getting poor service! I was told by Delta that no name changes under any circumstances for any amount of money! If you make a lot of web purchases, especially airline tickets, you should KNOW how restricted they are.The cheaper the ticket the more restrictions. Airfare 101. If you are worried about unknown fare rules..pick up the phone and call!
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Yeah, sorry, I can't be too sympathetic about this -- name changes have been a no-no for a really long time. Maybe you could get in touch with our pal Celeste to join in on her anti-Delta crusade. (Her beef was that they wouldn't replace an expired voucher that she threw away, or something similar).
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It's nice to know others are reading this information.

Actually, Delta at first wanted to charge me twice:
$100 - Reissue Fee
$100 - Name Change

Total of $200 for a $200 ticket

The problem with the reissue fee is that all they need to do is type-in a another name. Since the tickets are not paper tickets but digital tickets, there was not even a valid paper fee for a flight that was not to take place for a week and half.

My original problem was that I thought I was buying an unrestricted ticket.

Please tell me who makes online purchases by first calling the customer services, asking a million questions, and then finishing the purchase.

Usually while making purchases online, if something wrong does show up, I call the customer service immediately. In this case, I had no notice that there was anything other than the information given (confirmation with no notice of restrictions).

I believe if you have a ticket with no restrictions, you allowed to transfer the ticket. I'm not definite on this.

Anyways, they didn't let me resolve the problem any other way in which they would not be charging me $130 fee.

The fee for changing the dates for my friend was $100 too, maybe a little more. The problem is that I'm responsible for this ticket.

Actually, I have talked to other customer service at other airlines and they were all willing to work with me concerning any issues I had. I think the worst one was where the tickets I bought were not used accidently and the airline was able to book another flight for a small fee.

The end problem here is that I have a ticket that I can not use and Delta is not helping.

Also, this isn't the first problem I have had with Delta.

Take your chances.

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Your last post indicates that you have not yet understood the distinction pointed out by several previous posts. "Fare Restrictions" are specific to the class of service in which the ticket is issued. These are things like date of flight, time of flight, origin and destination city. Nopte that the name of the passenger is NOT included on this list. Even on a totally unrestricted ticket, you cannot change the name of the traveler (other than to correct a misspelling, etc.) The person whose name is on the ticket (electronic or otherwise) is the one who can use it - period. This is not like standing in line at the movie box office and buying a group of tickets while your friends shop.

Perhaps the reason you perceived that you were being "bull-dozed" is that the agent (reading what had been already recorded in the record) was repeating a message that you do not want to hear.
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Any bad treatment of customers should not be unacceptable.

Business is about taking care of customers, correct? I'm in a business where I always take care of my customers but in this case, Delta did not even try.

If the restrictions were the case as you have stated Summary, then Delta could have tried to work something out still.

If you have sent $200 on something that you can not use, how would you feel about it? If you are overjoyed, I would seriously recommend a doctor.

Again, the bottom line here is that I believed I had bought an unrestricted ticket.

The fees would have been imposed even if I had tried to just change a date or something else on the ticket.

I am disappointed that Delta has not been able to help me at all.

Customer Service is the key to keeping business, not this.

Again, I will make sure my experience helps someone else.
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Stop blaming Delta for your error.

You are the one trying to make changes, and Delta IS trying to help. However they do charge fees to make such changes, and everyone else seems to understand that.
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Hey, should I call you stupid or an idiot?
YOU CAN'T CHANGE THE NAME!!! What did you want Delta(sorry airline IMHO), to do??? If you wanted a refund that's what they offered you minus the fees. GET IT???
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What I want is that others learn from my costly experience.

Some users here are getting very antagnostic. Do you know most likely keeps a track on all the ip addresses that post here?

I hope others who read this will take something away from this.

I most likely have paid $200 for a service I cannot use.

Delta did not try to help. Charging me for a fee that right now even costs less than what other airlines are charging for the flight is not helping.

No thanks on the negativity.
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no thanks for the stupidity.
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What kind of drugs do you have?
I'm jealous, whatever you have must be EXCELLENT man!!
That's the only explanation for your behavior.
I would love to go through life not having any problems, knowing I'm right and everybody else is wrong.
This must be some new shit, come on man, let us in on the secret.
Don't be selfish.
If you hand them over to me I promise to dispose of them legally.
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I told the judge I didn't know it was against the law to shoot my mother-in-law. I feel he should have dismissed the charges since I didn't fully understand the law.

It is extremely unfair for me to be in jail.
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Airlines stink
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I, for one, completely agree with you. It is no big deal to change a name on a ticket you bought and paid for. At least it shouldn't be. This is a stupid rule. I could see no name changes within a few days of flying but please, they are really trying to wring every penny out of the traveler. Could you imagine buying a gift for someone, say a shirt, and the store charging you extra to give that shirt to someone else? I just can't believe that they have the right to tell us how to use a product that we bought!
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Ok, it's time to move on. Obviously, the stupid bug is biting some other losers. You two should get together.
I really mean it. You are made for each other.

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