Bankrupt Airlines

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Bankrupt Airlines

I am planning a trip in June and my travel agent is steering me away from United... thinks they will declare bankruptcy very soon. Any opinions? I wouldn't expect another airline to honor another companies ticket... but isn't reorganization an option? So wouldn't the airline still fly? If not, what happens to all of those planes? No mean comments please, I (obviously) haven't traveled much and I'm unfamiliar with the airline industry.

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I live in a city that is a major hub for another airline. Ergo, I fly never fly UA. However, I would tell your travel agent to 'take a hike'. Even though UA may declare bankruptcy soon, they are not going anywhere. Somehow, they will survive and I would have no reservations what so ever to fly them now or in the future. Do not over think this...and find a new travel agent.
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I agree with Lucky, get rid of your travel agent. It appears to me like S/he does not know the travel industry too well. Good luck!
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It's one thing for a travel agent to steet people away from some of the two-bit airlines when they are threatening bankruptcy, as they can vanish without a trace.

But quite different for a large, and important, airline such as United, American, Delta, NW, etc.
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Well, when UA goes into bankruptcy, they will be a debtor in possession. Tey will be working for their creditors, not their shareholders or employees. The creditors will decide UA's fate. If they believe that their best chance of getting their money is to strink the airline, that is what will happen. It will be inexperiencedtravelers luck to buy a ticket on a discontinued flight.

Generally, if you pay with a credit card the cc company must refund your money if the company goes bankrupt. I don't know what happens when you buy a ticket so far in advance.

The travel agent would be negligent if he didn't tell their customer of UAs dire straights. If say Delta and UA were my choices, I certainly would chose UA. UA has a half a billion dollars in debts and interest coming due in the fourth quarter with no visible means of payment.
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Go with United. Even if they file bankruptcy, they will still be flying. Just taking longer to pay bills.

National has been in bankruptcy for a few years now. Continental has been thru it
twice ( or is it 3 times ) and still flying.

And yes, other airlines will take their tickets if they cease operations. They have agreements with all the majors, something National, Southwest, Vanguard,
and Jet Blue do not. Not that Southwest or Jet Blue are near bankruptcy, just that other airlines won't take their tickets.

For example, United has a mechanical delay, they can sign your ticket over to Delta, Continental, American, etc.

Southwest or Jet Blue have a delay, you're stuck.
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Of course United will continue to fly.

They will just screw their stockholders and many suppliers.

the bigger concern would be the elimination of flights as USAir did.

If there was another option, I would take. Why go through the hassle with a airline that may go bankrupt.

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Although there are rules you and the credit card company ahve to follow if you have trouble with the quality of goods or services, if no goods or services are delivered whatsoever, the general rule is that you are entitled to a refund regardless of how long ago you bought the stuff or how far away the seller/vendor is. State laws vary.

Other useful hints:
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You needto bone up on your info on Southwest Airlines.The explicit implication in your response is that they are already "in trouble".Nothing could be farther from the truth.Do your research.They are the ONLY U.S. airline to continuously post a profit,quarter after quarter after quarter.
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Jason - "Explicit implication"??? Do you know what either of those words means?

And Frances was quite explicit in saying that she's suggesting nothing of the kind about Southwest.
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