Are you choosing non-US flagship carriers?

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Are you choosing non-US flagship carriers?

Since 9/11 I find myself making an effort to see if I can book on a non-US carrier, even if I lose FF miles. It may be sheer superstition, or it may be strategically prudent, but somehow I feel a tad safer on Air France, SAS, etc. Of course, I'm not entirely sure about British Air -- Tony Blair is probably not al Qaeda's favorite person, but on the other hand, it is suggested that a very large number of al Qaeda actually live in England. One would think that they would prefer to be able to travel without blowing themselves up until they WANT to blow themselves up.

Yeah, yeah, I know, if we don't fly US airlines the "terrorists win" and we are not patriotic and we are not supporting the American economy, etc. But I'm not asking your judgment about my inclination to choose non-US carriers -- I'm asking if YOU are still flying only on US carriers or looking more favorably on non-US lines.
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My clients are choosing the lowest priced carrier for their travel plans. Doesn't seem to matter which carrier if the price is right.

Hope that helps you.
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I have flip-flopped on this whole issue. Skip to the chase, I'll be on a US carrier to Europe in two months. However, my SO is leaving tomorrow for a biz trip on BritAir for London. So, who knows? It worked out that the US schedule matched my needs most closely. Immedidately after 9/11, I was firmly on the non-US side. Recently, my position softened when I read (in the Wall St. Journal) of some of the security measures that US carriers take that their non-US rivals may not. I guess when you're the target, you try harder? <insert rueful grin> Safe skies to us all no matter who we fly...
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I am planning to go to Europe sometime later this year, and when I do decide to go, it won't be on a U.S. carrier -- NOT because I am afraid of any preceived threats, but rather because I just think that the foreign carriers have better service, meals, etc.

Also, I am thinking of taking SAS so I can arrange a stopover in Scandinavia . . . something I most likely couldn't do on a U.S. carrier.

I can honestly say that that's the way I felt on 9/10, and it's still the way I feel now.
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Until very recently, I traveled to Europe at least once a month for the past six years. For the five of the six years I avoided US carriers in favour of British Air, Air France, etc.
One reason and one reason alone-Service.
When in business class the difference was even greater than in coach. Hate to say this but it was true. Things may have changed in the last few months but....
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Im with you! Im flying to NZ the summer of 2003 and refusing to fly United Airlines or American Airlines. Im flying Air Canada & Air New Zealand. Partially because I dont want to change terminals in LAX and also cause they are not USA related!
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My experiences are quite different...

Living in Houston and having flown both Air France and Continental in Business Class, it is very clear to me that Air France's product is very poor versus Continental's Business First.

Too bad they are breaking up their alliance. My friends and I often book through Air France at a cheaper price and fly on Continental's planes.

The food, the seats, the service, CAL's business class is far superior to AF.

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