Airbus 319 seating question . ..

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Airbus 319 seating question . ..

I've never flown first class on an A319 before. There are apparently only 2 rows and I have my option of either. Does the second row recline or is it up against the dividing wall? I've been in the first row on an A320 once before and couldn't see the movie screen because it was practically straight above my head. So which is better, row 1 or 2. <BR> <BR>on a sidenote, it's a pretty sad state of affairs when major airlines start using these smaller planes on long trips. You'd think that a 5 hour 45 minute Philly to LAX flight would warrant more than an itty bitty A319. oh well
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I wish I could travel first class on any jet ( not only am A319) -saving up my airmiles for an Upper class return on Virgin from UK to the States ( need 80,000miles and have 30,000 - need another 4 flights plus staying at the Hilton) - at least the miles do not expire. <BR>I would imagine the 2nd row would recline. <BR>Depening on the airline the screen might be in the seat in front of you or overhead. The first row would have a fold away screen. <BR> <BR>Have a great trip.
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Jim Rosenberg
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I don't know what airline you are flying with, but every Airbus 319 I've flown on has had four rows of first class seating. As for the type of aircraft, I would think it has more to do with the number of people who are willing to buy a ticket to make that trip on a particular point in the schedule, rather than simply the length of the flight.
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I am flying United and the seat map on their website shows the 319 as only having 2 rows (8 seats). When purchasing the ticket, I was only given the option of row 1 or 2. <BR> <BR>Jim- my point about the smaller plane was just to say before 9-11, United flew this route with A320s and 757s, the 319s are a recent, and IMHO sad, development.
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Brian, <BR>I am not sure about which seat you should choose, but the movie screen in on the back of the seat ahead of you. Of you are in a bulkhead seat it pulls out of the arm of your seat. 319's have this selector remote where you can choose among 4 or so movies (to view when you want) and there are also TV programs and documentaries... it is very nice. You can also pause to eat or go to the bathroom and rewind if you get interrupted or want to see a scene again. When you book ask the agent whether the seat reclines.

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