747 Best seats?

Old Feb 16th, 2000, 10:09 AM
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747 Best seats?

I always wonder what seats I should ask for on a flight. Bulkhead, exit row, front of plane etc. I'm 6ft and always uncomfortable in coach seats. What are the best seats and why? Also, what do you say to the counter person to get these seats?
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Personally, I think the exit area or the bulkhead provide a little more room. Problems? The exit area usually has one less seat and less overhead compartment space. And a lot of folks don't like staring at the wall when they sit in the bulkhead area. Depends on the flight, but I have found the exit row is fairly easy to get - especially if the flight is originating from my location and making a stop somewhere. The bulkhead, for me anyway, always seems the hardest to get. <BR> <BR>It will be interesting to see how others respond!
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I presume your like most of us, in coach. I don't think there is a good seat on the plane. We were originally in bulkhead seats, and then two children were assigned in the remaining two seats, so we asked to be moved. It got worse, the first exit row in coach is by 4 bathrooms...so don't expect much sleep. The bulkhead seats arms did not go up, so even if you get lucky, and no one sat in the middle you cannot make anymore room. But, still bulkhead and exit are better than the rest. Just ask the ticket agent when you check in. Those are normally assigned at that time.
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I always ask for the exit row. You'll get a little more leg room and you'll be the first off the plane in an emergency (presuming that ANYBODY makes it off.)
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I have stopped asking for exit row, and make sure I'm not in the row in FRONT of exit row on long flights where I might want to recline for sleeping or anything. My reason is that on many planes the exit row, and the seats in fornt of the exit row do not recline. There's a good saftey reason for this, so I don't complain about it - I just try not sit there. There always seem to be plenty of people who want the extra legroom and don't care if they don't recline.
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Exit row seats are the best. My second choice is a bulk head aisle. Third choice is to go to the last row, aisle seat, in the center. The center seats in that row are usually the last to be filled. I find I have the best chance of having two seats to myself back there.

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