Jul 1st, 1997, 03:22 AM
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Has anyone been to Zanzibar? Looking for some info on the type of place it is? The Island, Hotels, Food! Any infomation would be appreciated! Thanks much! San
Jul 20th, 1997, 04:22 PM
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Hi, I spent 5 weeks in Tanzania 3years ago. Next to Marangu(base of Kili) Zanzibar was my favourite place. I can not wait to return. The people are very friendly, prison Island is great for snorkeling, the beaches are great. I have heard a new hotel has been built. When I was there it was very low key. Small guest houses etc. Very cheap. It is definetely worth a visit. We stayed at the Flamingo guest house. Very basic but the staff was great! Make sure to go. After the laid back attmosphere I was a little dissapointed with the touristy atmosphere of Mombassa (even though I did appreciate hot running water and power all day) Zanzibar only had power certain hours of the day while we were there.
Have fun!
Aug 21st, 1997, 07:57 AM
Rick Hodges
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We spent 4 days in Zanzibar in Jan. 96.
Zanz is a great little tropical island. Stonetown is your classic little Arab town, with narrow winding streets you get lost in, but you always come out somewhere familiar. Try Mr. Mitu's spice tour (accept no substitutes). He showed us about 50 spice, fruit and medicine plants, and ruins of last Emir's palace, and he fed us well.
Zanz is very safe by African standards. We felt safer there than anywhere else in Africa. We walked from our guesthouse (the Malindi, thumbs up) - at night - to the central park on the water, where people come each night to get cheap, yummy Indian and African food. The food was better there than any restaurant and much cheaper. I fell in love with Tamarind juice. There are good beaches an hour's drive to the other side of the island from Stonetown.
Sep 24th, 1997, 07:03 PM
Wayne Heeley
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Just returned a month ago from 9 days in Zanzibar. What would you like to know about the place?
Nov 17th, 1997, 04:20 AM
Stéphan Bry
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I spent one month between dezember 96 and january 97 in Zanzibar, and I loved this country. I never seen before a place so easy to travel. The people is very friendly, every body say Jambo (hello) and Karibu (welcome) in the streets, and when you are on the beach enjoying the sun, the white sand and the turquese sea, frequently people come and ask : can I speak with you ? Don't worry, they are'nt interested in your money, they only want to comunicate. There is a lot lot of guests houses affordable from 5 or 7 US$ a night, all around the main island Unguja.(In Pemba, it's a little less easy, because there is very few accomodation. But it's very nice too, quite different from Unguja, less developped and more green. In Pemba avoid to go in the governementa hostels, they are expensive and very dirty. If you go there, and I think it's a good idea, try to dont take a little ferry because the sea can be bad, and one night in these conditions represent a great desagrement.) For the transportation, you can take the local buses, very cheap but sometimes full and not fast, or the tourists buses you can deal with the beach boys in the Stone Town. Before you go, visit the web sites. Here are some of them I visited :
Have a good trip, and enjoy this little paradise. You will discover the good side of humanity? So long !

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