west africa

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west africa

visit this board occasionally thinking I might have something to share. But I don't, as despite having spent a lot of time in Africa, and visited many of the top game reserves, I have never stayed in a luxury camp or hotel. So I can add no words of wisdom. But I am struck by the fact that to Fodors' posters there seem to be only 6 or 7 countries in Africa - SA, Botswana, Zambia (coming up in the ranks quite quickly), Tanzania (so glad), Kenya, Egypt, Uganda (honorable mention). Namibia gets a look in.
Everybody is too frightened to go to Zim now.

Does nobody ever think of Malawi? And, god forbid, Ghana or Mali, or Ethiopia?

Just curious.

Or, or ...
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I've been to Malawi, and to Ghana, but I agree, it seems the focus of this forum has shifted to safari-based postings, but you are certainly free, of course, to post information or ask questions about other places in Africa. Just know who your audience is and that your posts might not attract a lot of response. For West Africa and other more off-the-beaten path destinations, like Ethiopia, you'll have much better luck at Lonely Planet's Thorn Tree.
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Hello Alice...I'm heading to Northern Malawi in October--Vwaza Marsh Wildlife Reserve and Nyika National Park. Have you been to these places? What can you tell me about them?
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I spent alot of my childhood in Nigeria and have lived in Namibia, Egypt and Zimbabwe and so I know what you mean!

I've visited Mali, Malawi, Ghana, Mozambique and Senegal in the last couple of years...as well as several of the more popular destinations. Ocassionally there are questions (and answers) about non safari/non southern africa destinations and there are some of us who are interested.

Personally we've done both the overland trekking thing and the more upmarket safari trips...I think you'll find that there are a number of people who enjoy the variety. There was a post not that long ago on Rwanda.

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In the last two years my dad has been to Ethiopia, Mali and Malawi. He is retired and travels several times a year, so can move on to some of the more unusual destinations, having previously visited the more popular ones in East and Southern Africa.

There are reasons many more visitors go to East and Southern Africa - many of us are very interested in safari and safaris in these regions are well established and affordable. And South Africa offers such a variety of experiences that I imagine few other countries (anywhere, not just in Africa) can rival.

I would like to visit the three countries at the top of my post one day but they are not as high on my wish list as some destinations.
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Thanks folks - nice to know it's not just me! One of these days I'll get back there. I lived in Kenya for almost a year when I was very young (20) and have crossed the continent both ways since then - but not alone for what I would call the difficult bits - the Sahara, Zaire (as was), the Sudan.

But there are so many places to see in the world. But one day I'll get back there.

To phernska - I wish I could respond but although I've spent probably 6-7 weeks in Malawi the nearest I ever got to Nyika NP was the small township of Livingstonia (somewhere I will never forget). Nyika is not a place that it is easy to get to by public transport unless you are really commited - and I guess the pull of the Lake Malawi ferry was stronger.

Friends of mine who lived in Malawi for a while went on a horse-riding safari there with their 3 children and loved it. I am sure you will too.
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I TOTALLY agree with you Alice...I'm used to being in the lonelyplanet.com forum where folks go to such a variety of places in Africa...and the world...which is what I'm used to since that's how I've traveled over the last three decades. That's why I've been typing so many comments on Ghana since I joined this forum.I'm not interested in organized safari-type travel. I've just come over to this forum...a few months ago, mainly for better hotel suggestions. I'm female and travel independently, but am NOT a backpacker type. Did that stuff in my teens...almost 30 years ago.Hotel quality is VERY important to me and I have a vast collection of Fodor guides from which I make my hotel selections. I like this forum though...very mature opinions and information. I just don't like the format. I wish it were more like the lonelyplanet format. But, I plan to stay on this forum. Happy travels to all!
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I know it has been a while since this original question was posted.

I went on vacation in Malawi and Kenya. Although I did send some time on a safari, I also spent a lot of time in outside towns (Mombassa, Lamu, etc) - and found those areas far more interesting than any of the safari conditions.

I've also traveled to Gabon, Liberia, Ethiopia (very briefly), Uganda/Rwanda (many years ago), and the former Zaire (now Republique d'Afrique Centrale). I have had an interest in traveling to Senegal and Mali, but now other countries and places are attracting my attention. i.e, I think next year I would like to travel in Asia, perhaps Vietnam, who knows...
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Had I read this thread, I'd have replied here rather than start anew...
This forum really does seem to be the only place on Fodor's where information is available for amywhere but South Africa!
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