Travel to Saudi Arabia


Jan 26th, 2012, 08:38 PM
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Travel to Saudi Arabia

I am thinking of planning a trip to Saudi Arabia. One of my friends just moved back home to Najran, Saudi Arabia and I would like to visit him. Any advice on travel or hotels in either Najran or Jizan?

I know about the Visa conditions, dress requirements, and a good deal about the culture. I have been to Yemen and Egypt previously but know Saudi will be a bit more restrictive possibly.
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Jan 27th, 2012, 02:32 PM
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Saudi is rather closed when it comes to tourists. A few years back they had tours, but with lots of restrictions and had to be approved by the government - where visiting, hotels to be used - besides attire. Not sure these are still being conducted.

Would suggest you contact their Embassy for details if planning to travel on your own to visit with a friend, no less that the 'friend' is male and you being female.

Do let us know what you've learned. Good luck!
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Feb 11th, 2012, 01:40 PM
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Saudi Arabia is still quite conservative in many places but you can find some easy going places like Jeddah City which is a ver cosmopolitan modern city. Riyadh is more strict and other cities like Najran are beautiful but not for the regular traveler.

It is difficult to enjoy you time here because the country is still getting to grips with the concept of tourism. The best way to have a good time is to make sure you are visiting a group of trusted friends there is no way to explore otherwise because there is no good information.

I suggest have a look at for restaurants and if you are looking for hotels then you have the regular sites. You will find all sorts of stuff.

If you want a great experience in the middleeast and speciffically on the gulf I suggest The U.A.E and Oman for a more authentic expereince.
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