Travel to Israel

May 28th, 1997, 09:47 AM
Bill Fox
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Travel to Israel

Should I be concerned about going to Israel - and with my 9-year-old daughter? Thanks.
May 30th, 1997, 05:34 PM
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Mr. Fox--in that region of the world (I guess as in any region) you never know when things will flare up. I went last summer shortly after their elections and things were a bit tense, but we had no problem. You just have to take it one day at a time. When you're there, and you're not sure about the situation, you just have to use common sense and be alert. If you're still not sure, ask a guide to check on the area you're planning on going; he/she should know something. If you would like some more details you can email me and I could try to help.
Jun 18th, 1997, 03:47 PM
Jason Swaye
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Mr. Fox,
I live in this region and I can say one thing positively. You have a better chance of getting killed while driving here than a bus blowing up near you. I know friends of mine (personally I would have no problem either)that send their 5 year olds on a city bus. The community in this country is very protective of children and if anything god forbid should happen, just go to a different city. It is not what CNN, BBC, ABC, NBC and all the other news outlets make it out to be. The chances of you travelling into the middle of Gaza, Jerico or Hebron are so remote that you will have to be completely lost to not know what you are doing. Anyway the Israeli checkpoints are their to stop you from going to places like that.
Jun 21st, 1997, 10:54 PM
Shoshana Kessel
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Hi Mr. Fox

I live in Tel Aviv's center. It is not as people shoot each other on the streets. Crime here is low compared to other countries and terror is more on T.V. There is no problem visiting places and having
a very nice time. If you need more information or help I'll be glad to assist you. Please write to my email and I'll give you my phone number.

Your kid will love it here. Kids here are the "rulling class".

Jul 25th, 1997, 04:18 PM
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Hi Mr. Fox,

My husband and I have almost completed our plans to take a commercial (Isram)
two week tour of Israel at the end of October-beginning of November. Can you tell me what kind of weather to expect at that time of year. What type of apparel is the usual.

Thanks so much for you help,
Dec 10th, 1997, 09:11 PM
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I'm leaving to Cairo Dec. 12th, and would like to spend X-mas in Jeruselm, New years in Tel AV...

Need some traveling advise? Coming thru Amman Dec 22, Do you know how i would get to Jeruselm, and is it safe and simple?
Feb 27th, 1998, 08:12 AM
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Edward, I spent six months in Israel and Egypt. Getting around Israel is immensly simple. Coming from Jordan: cross the border into eilat and the take the bus back to the station, and from there you should be able to find a bus to jerusalem very easily. Same thing from egypt.

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