Sandi, now that you're back...


Nov 15th, 2012, 02:01 PM
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Sandi, now that you're back...

Any new recommendations/ experieces to share with us in Kenyz and /or TZ?
"Enquiring minds want to know" about East Africa!

Thank you
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Nov 15th, 2012, 04:46 PM
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I just knew sandi was gone somewhere, when I did not read any replies from her.

Welcome back
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Nov 15th, 2012, 06:14 PM
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And hoping you found everything in place when you returned home.
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Nov 16th, 2012, 11:54 AM
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Hi there -

Yes, I've been gone 3/weeks. Lots of places visited and some new/interesting properties. But, have lots and lots to catch up, so patience for 'those who want to know.'

Some quick comments though:
1) Lake Masek Camp - at Ndutu is lovely, though area very hot and very very dry; do not ask what my hair was like and so now know why local women shave their heads. I sure was tempted

2) Ndutu Safari Lodge - is still absolutely great

3) Kusini (Sanctuary) - is actually located in the Southwest Serengeti just outside the Ndutu border... lovely, rustic and not as lux as the sister Swala Camp at Tarangire.

4) Dunia Camp (Asilia) - in Southern Serengeti is lovely with well appointed tents, bush showers; there in the rain that manager gave me a pair of Wellies to get around; looked like a kid splashing about in puddles.
4A) Didn't stop at the Asilia Olakira Camp at Kogatende, but similar as I was advised.

5) Pioneer Camp (Elewana) - new, due to open Dec. Couldn't see much as still raining, but the one tent we could was well appointed; plenty of distance between tents. This is 1st tent camp for the Elewana group. Special for 1st 6/mos of 'stay 3, pay 2' though regular rates will be up there.

6) Bilila Lodge - more resort, with 2/stories, glass enclosed elevator, a/c, absolutely lovely rooms w/ terrace, amazing views; all amenities in room; restaurant, pool and water hole built in front of it as the ellies were partaking of the pool... quick decision on their part. Ideal if you need a break mid-way on safari for some civilization which we did need by then. A real shower for as long as one wished was so well appreciated. Built by an Emiraties Sheik, initially managed by Kempinski, now by Four Seasons who actually lowered rates. Absolutely a full-service property.

Heading further north to Kogatende:
7) Bushtops - sister property of Bushtops in the Mara - a good deal if visiting/staying at both including air between and a free balloon safari at the Mara property during 1st quarter of year; friend described it as "taking Africa out of Africa" - rather lux and maybe considered over the top for some; very large tents on a levels, set on a bluff with great views; very very well appointed sleeping and bath areas; dining in the tent if you wish; separate U-shaped sitting area and a rather large Jacuzi on the deck.

8) Migration Camp (Elewana) - another winner and priced up there. Lovely large tents well appointed; pool; lots of steps up/down, not ideal for some visitors.

9) Serengeti Lemai (Nomads) - permanent camp vs their seasonal ones; located on the Serengeti side, not in the Wedge (rather confusing names as camp in the Wedge is the Serengeti Mara); nice comfy tents, decorated just right but quite a bit of walking up/down. Still a winner.

10) Sayari (Asilia) - a winner! Though I believe 17/tents, it doesn't feel all that big; great tents, large and very well appointed; pool; great food; barely a 10/min drive to river crossing points where when we arrived in area the herds about to cross, but didn't; instead returned next morning and sure enough they did right at the time I mentioned to my partner they would.... whoopie!

Many camps are installing claw-foot tubs that can be dangerous if one isn't careful, which I wasn't. Easy to crack open one's head which I almost did (a tale for another time... be assured I did keep all my grey matter if anyone is wondering And, I'm a bath person. And something I found offensive - real telephones that ring like phones for contact to other tents and/or management... ugh! Most though still use 2-ways, others still with horns or whistles. Likewise, many (especially the newer) camps are setting the commode itself in a separate private area/room.

Have lots for Kenya, but gotta get back to real work folks!

Yes, Lynn and thanks for asking - all was in place, though while gone even with my friend's laptop and Wifi we were getting info ourselves or from the camps where me met lots of East Coast safari goers who were also concerned with what was doing where they lived. Most of them were hoping to be back Stateside in time to vote, which we both had done by 'absentee' prior leaving home. I, however, didn't access my mail (incommunicado, moi!), though still wondered whether my freezer/fridge would have gone dead and the odor would knock me over on entering home. Lucky me - had no power loss or water damage. Not so lucky though for residents 2/streets north, at a bend in the East River that was hit by waves... loss of power and lots and lots of water.

Back later................
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Nov 16th, 2012, 01:26 PM
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Thanks Sandi, and welcome back to the "real work" world. Looking forward to Kenya updates...when you have time. Glad to hear your namesake hurricane didnt wreak havoc for you, but but being New York born and bred, iknow from family and friends that there are numerous heart breaking stories.
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Nov 16th, 2012, 04:30 PM
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When your settled down and relaxed you can tell us all about Kenya .
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Nov 16th, 2012, 07:04 PM
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Welcome back Sandy, glad to hear all was well at your home while you were away. The stories and images of my favourite city and shore (Jersey) were heartbreaking.

Ready when you are for stories of Kenya.
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