SA Itinerary - more help needed!

Aug 13th, 2003, 11:45 AM
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Wouldn't ya know, I do all of this planning and dreaming about the migration in Kenya and have picked the ideal time, etc for it, and what do I dream of? Of course, Botswana and the Okavango Delta. Oh how my heart aches. Is it just the grass is always greener or what?
Aug 13th, 2003, 12:10 PM
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Aug 13th, 2003, 02:27 PM
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Hi KT,

You asked:

"We have 2 full days there, and are thinking of one day at the Featherbed Nature Reserve and exploring Knysna, and the other day doing the Treetop Canopy tour (it looks wonderful) and then go to the Storms River area in Tsitsikamma National Park. Is this doable"

The answer to this is that it DEFINITLEY DOABLE. On your one day in Knysna you could go to Featherbeds in the morning and return just after lunchtime. What I would then do for the rest of the day is I would do a walk around the Knysna Village and then move on to the Knysna Heads. If this does not suit I would suggest that you travel to Sedgefield and amongst others visit The Scarab Factory where you can see how they make writing paper out of elephant dung. After this I would travel to the Wilderness area. In this region I would visit the "Map of Africa" and take in all the wonderful scenery at the Wilderness from Dolphin Point.

In the evening make a point of dining at La Loerie. Tell Sandy or Abdel (owners) that Selwyn sent you -

On your second day you could travel down to do the treetop safari as well a visit the Stormsriver mouth with the greatest of ease. Btw it is wise to pre-book the Treetop safari. If I were you I would also include a visit to the Bloukrans Bridge so as to see "the crazies" - do the highest bungy jump in the world (216 meters). On returning to Knysna I would pay the town of Plettenberg Bay a visit.

Another very important point KT is that Ludwig from Overmeer will help you with all you want to know. He and his wife Riette are amazing hosts and with Ludwig being born and raised in Knysna you could not want to have any better advice given to you. He will more than likely back up most of what I have already told you and will probably throw in a coupe of extra tips too.

You also asked:
"We were also thinking of going to the De Hoop Nature Reserve on our drive from Hermanus to Knysna -- good idea or not?"

If you intend staying over at De Hoop then this is a possibility however if you are just wanting to stop in and look around for a while I would not advise that you make this detour as you wont get to Knysna in time. Also do remember that there are also some gravel roads to travel on when you go to the De Hoops Nature Reserve.

OK KT I hope this helps you in your planning.

Selwyn Davidowitz
[email protected]
Very proudly part of the wonderful nation of South Africa

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Aug 14th, 2003, 06:28 AM
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As always, thank you! With your suggestions, the Featherbed Reserve and exploring Knysna day and the Tsitsikamma day sounds like just what we were hoping to do. Also, thanks for the advice on de Hoop -- I think we'll be passing on that one. It's so hard to try to plan to see as much of this marvellous country as we can, but not feel as if we're trying to cram too much in and not be able to relax and enjoy it. Ludwig and Riette have been terrific via email. I had asked them about reservations for La Loerie and Ludwig seems to think that, as it won't be high season yet, we shouldn't have a problem making a reservation for one evening once we get to Knysna. Would you agree with that? He also suggested that we wait until we get there and see how the weather is before deciding on which day to do the treetop tour. I also heard that you may be at Overmeer the same time that we are -- true?
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Aug 17th, 2003, 04:10 AM
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Hi All,

I will post the whole itinerary this afternoon. I do have a question, though. Do we need Air conditioning Oct 10-30 in our car? It raises the price from $317 to $467, so if it is cool enough, I would prefer not to have it. But, I don't want to save money and be miserable if it is hot.


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Aug 17th, 2003, 09:15 AM
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Here's the itinerary everyone, with some notes here and there...KT I hope you post about your trip since we are doing some similar things!!

Kavey, is the website you want.

Oct 10 ? fly to JNB,
Oct.11 ? arrive 8:30 am drive to Witwater
Oct 12 safari Witwater
Oct 13 safari Witwater
Oct 14 safari/leave 10 am (find something interesting to see on the way back) and fly to Port Elizabeth (flight 15:45 land 17:45 kulula) (Avis Car rental pick up car). Drive to the Elephant House
Oct 15 Elephant house, wake early and go to Addo Elephant Safari, do self drive. Then do tooth and Claw safari if want to.
Oct 16 Drive 3 hrs to Plettenburg Bay, stop in Jeffries Bay for lunch The Walskipper or Breakers. Look on the beach for shells between Main and Surfers Point After lunch, do the, 3 hours, at Storms River, need to prebook). . While travelling to Knysna DONT take the N2 all the way. Just after Stormsriver Bridge turn off to Coldstream and travel through the Bloukrans Pass as well as Natures Valley. Stay at The little sanctuary.
Oct 17 Plettenburg/ do Monkeyland. Drive to Knysna, stay at Overmeer. Is it too far to go for dinner at dinner at SERENDIPITY RESTAURANT?
Oct 18 Knysna/overmeer/Tsala dinner
Oct 19 Knysna/overmeer/LaLoerie
Oct 20 Hermanus/Room booked at Misty on Sea
Oct 21 Drive to winelands, stay at Cathbert, Do Robertson, Graham Beck wineries at least.
Oct 22 Winelands/Cathbert Eat at La Petite Ferme or Haute Cabriere (or do picnics there)
Oct 23 Winelands/Cathbert maybe do Spier Cheetah farm in between wineries?
Oct 24 -Drive to 40 min cape town, do the Somerset west wineries on the way into cape town (Vergelegen) check in avanti guest house.
Oct 24-30 capetown
Oct 30 leave
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Aug 18th, 2003, 05:18 AM
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Your itinerary looks great and I will try to post something the day after we get back, so you can see it before you leave!
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Aug 18th, 2003, 11:38 AM
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Sadly, I'm delivering training in baker street mon through thu this week so won't be able to spend much time looking into my itinerary until friday!

thanks for the website!!

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Aug 18th, 2003, 01:20 PM
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Your itinerary certainly looks pretty good. Couple of points from my side.

1. Be aware that if you do the Treetop Safari AFTER lunch you are going to miss out on the what the turnoff after Coldstream offers as you make your way to Natures Valley. Try to arrive at Treetops for the 11h00 or 12h00 adventure. This will give you enough time AND DAYLIGHT to truly enjoy the Bloukrans valley as well a natures valley.

2. Qyuestion. Where is "The Little Sanctuary" in Natures Valley? I dont know how many times I have been to this fabulous part of the world however I have not heard of the Little Sanctuary as yet. Website??

3. Serendipity is a wonderful eating out experince however it is pretty far from Knysna by SA standards. You might not think so as it is about a 45 minute drive from Overmeer. The choice is yours to make.

4. I hope that you have booked the dinner evening at Tsala. If you have not do so VERY SOON.

5. You speak of Robertson winery in the same breath as Cathbert. No way! You cant do that one. Robertson is miles and miles away from Cathbert. Furthermore I dont think that Graham Beck is open for winetastings as yet. The farm looks very commercial from its outside appearance. My suggestion is that you visit Cathberts neighbours in the form of Plasier De Merle, Rupert and Rothschild. Ask Rob Morley at Cathbert for advice in this regard. Whatever you do you MUST stop in for some cheese and coffee at Cotage Fromage which is down the road from Cathbert (You cant miss it at the bottom of the entrance road to Cathbert)

6. Be aware that you cannot picnic at either Haute Cabriere or Le Petit Ferme.

7. Melissa finally I would suggest that you dont forego aircon because of a price difference. In Knysna you can go through 4 seasons in one day so my feeling is pay the price and be prepared.

All in all I think that your itinerary is really shaping up into becoming quite and exciting one.


Hi KT,

Firstly I would agree with Ludwig that you should make your reservations for Treetops or Le Loerie closer to the time. Dont leave it too late though. Furthermore you can do the Treetops adventure through rain or shine.

Yup we will be meeting up at Overmeer as I will be at the establishment with my visitors while you are there. Wow I will meet another Fodorite. -

Hope this all helps.

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Aug 19th, 2003, 09:42 AM
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Hi Selwyn,

As usual, you are ever so helpful, and I am ever so grateful. Please let me know if you will be at any of the places on our itinerary while we are there as we would love to treat you to a meal or at least a few drinks.

And now, for the replies....

Thanks for the tip on when to take to treetop safari. I had planned to do it after lunch as I thought Jeffries Bay was worth stopping off for, but will do lunch afterwards, I guess.

"The Little Sanctuary" is in Plettenburg Bay, as close to the water as you can get. I decided that after all the driving and treetopping that day it wasn't worthwhile to spend a ton of cash on a place that is just going to be a place to sleep for us. It looks small, quaint (3 rooms) and the location looks fab, and we can walk from there to everywhere in Plett. is the website.

Will have a think about Serendipity - I had a feeling it was far away from Knysna...

Tsala is booked. Does La Loerie have a website or email as I am still trying to book them.

We were going to go through Robertson (the area) in a long way around to Cathbert, if possible. Is it worth the trip? According to my Lonely Planet Graham Beck is open for tastings Mon-Fri 9-5, and has a `daringly modern tasting room where you can sample their vast range of white and red, many of them in the top rank.`(And thus, I wanted to make the trip).

Thanks for the notes about picnics. Maybe we will have dinner at Haute Cabriere or Le Petit Ferme. We are not huge French food fans, so we will see...

And finally, we will definitely get the aircon!!! Can you give me an idea of temperatures (generally) for October, and should we bring things like umbrellas?

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