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Revised...FINAL (and confirmed) Itinerary for Zambia, 2004...

Revised...FINAL (and confirmed) Itinerary for Zambia, 2004...

Feb 16th, 2004, 07:30 AM
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I'm with Susan Lynne on this one - I'll bet that Africa will see Roccco in 2005.

And STD - kudos to you for being so indulgent with Roccco and his love affair with Africa.

Roccco - congrats to you for lining up this trip. I'm jealous. I have a trip to Rome/Sorrento lined up during spring break (we leave 3-14!) with my 2 daughters and am still trying to decide if I can swing Africa later in the year. Not enough vacation time to do the trip I want - it's 21 days plus travel time to Kenya and it's a dedicated photo trip with a max of 3 photographers per vehicle. (We won't be pulling away from lion kills because it smells bad!)

As always, I've enjoyed reading your trip planning (sorry STD!).
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Feb 16th, 2004, 09:51 AM
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I cannot believe that Mala Mala charges you $450 per day just for the private use of the Range Rover and driver! This will likely buy your exclusive Land Cruiser AND your room in the South Luangwa and for that price they will probably keep you out as long as you want, and believe me, there is plenty of nocturnal activity going on in the South Luangwa.

z: I have no idea where I am staying in Venice, but it is probably nowhere that great since I am on a guided tour. I have VERY LOW expectations for my Italy trip, but my wife's family didn't want to spend a lot of money so that is what I am stuck with. Imagine, having to go to Zambia to get a little luxury after spending 10 nights in utter mediocrity in Italy?!

Sundowner and SusanLynne:

Thanks for the kind words. I am looking SO forward to this trip. This is really my first time going to AFRICA. Before I always needed to dilute it with Cape Town but now I am a total Africaholic and need my Africa straight up without even a Cape Town chaser!
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Feb 16th, 2004, 11:24 AM
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Rocco: I'll drink to that! And I will still lay odds that you set foot on Afrian soil in 2005 - you've been bitten by the bug, my friend, and there is no cure. I'm returning to Kenya and Tanzania in October, then I have had to compromise with my significant other on Australia for 2005, but, I'll be back to Africa in 2006 - come hell or high water!
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Feb 16th, 2004, 04:12 PM
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You don't REALLY think that I would drag along scaredtodeath to Africa for four consecutive years, do you?!

Anyway, most everything is booked! I should receive my Business Class tickets for the LHR-JNB-Lusaka-JNB-LHR segment in the mail in the next five working days...hopefully somebody doesn't accidentally run them through the paper shredder! It cost me $90 pp for the taxes on the ticket and 80,000 AMEX Membership Reward Points pp.

For future reference, when flying Business Class on SAA using frequent flier miles, it is possible to add one addtional gateway for free. So, if I were flying into Cape Town, for example, I would be able to add an additional ticket to places such as Windhoek (Namibia), Gabarone (Botswana), Harare (Zimbabwe), Victoria Falls and Livingstone, Durban, etc., for free. Unfortunately, only one-add on is allowed, or else I would probably disappear for three months and just fly free business class between all these great places!

I booked my LAX-London-LAX tickets on economy class aboard British Airways and my London-Rome-London tickets on Alitalia. I will return very early, by design, to London, arriving at 9:35AM, allowing a full day in London to explore before heading off for my 7:30 flight to Johannesburg. Good thing I am going to Southern Africa out of London and not Eastern Africa out of Amsterdam, or else I might get a little disoriented and forget to go to Africa!

Anyway, 95 days and counting. Fortunately, I've done this a few times now and will require very little to prepare this time around. Perhaps a zoom lens on my digital camera since I will not be at the petting zoo, errrr...at Sabi Sand, and maybe I will have to get some anti-malaria pills although I think I have a collection of them from my last two years that are still good!

Then, for scaredtodeath, I will have to go on a little shopping spree and get a portable DVD player/monitor, perhaps rent a satellite phone for a month and pray that it is only used for 5-10 minutes per day ($2.00 per minute), and buy plenty of DVD's/CD's/etc., although once she is in Africa I think she will enjoy herself.
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Feb 16th, 2004, 04:18 PM
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I see a big gap in your June 2006? RSA itinerary!!!!!


Please don't miss out on the best game viewing experience in RSA.The scenery is far more spectacular than Djuma!

Why did you go to Djuma anyway?If I knew I would have stopped you! I can just imagine how disappointed you were in the surroundings in the middle of a severe drought! Even in times of plenty Djuma doesn't offer much in terms of scenery.

Remember,in Arica,WATER EQUALS LIFE!So if you choose a safari Camp make sure that they have a permanent water source ie. a river,not man-made water holes like Djuma!

I checked the accommodations and locations of the Zambian Camps-spectacular!Saugage Tree Camp wow!

I also like Puku Ridge and Kulefu Tented Camp.What about North Luangwa? looks even wilder!

Why not skip Italy and spend three nights in Mala Mala?Aha!!!!

Only joking--your wife will probably kill you!
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Feb 16th, 2004, 08:10 PM
Original Poster
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Perhaps I will be a little more flexible and include three nights in Mala Mala...and if it is another petting zoo, I will personally hunt you down!

I, TOO, ask myself why I wasted my time at Djuma. The short answer is that I loved the accomodations and they are pretty slick with their monthly newsletter that they print on their website. The prices for the accomodations offered looked pretty great and I just figured that all places in the Sabi Sand would have similar game, but the game-viewing wasn't as good as at Singita. At Singita I was able to get fabulous photos of white rhinos, and at Djuma, all I was able to get was a picture in the dark of a rhinos a$$!!!.

Now, is the gameviewing equally spectacular at Mala Mala's Kirkman's Camp. I wouldn't want to spend more than I had to by staying at the Main Camp if the other lodges had the same routes and proximity to the Sabi River.

Okay, try this one on for size:

June 09th, 2006 - Depart LAX
6/10/06 - En Route
6/11/06 - Arrive JNB. Transfer to Mala Mala for three nights.
6/12/06 - Mala Mala
6/13/06 - Mala Mala
6/14/06 - Transfer to Durban. 3 nights.
6/15/06 - Durban
6/16/06 - Durban. Comrades Marathon. It is the images and wonderful memories that I am promised from Mala Mala that will need to carry me through, oh about, the last 54 miles of this 55 mile race!
6/17/06 - Durban. Won't be able to even move today and will just want to...DIE!!!
6/18/06 - Phinda Forest, 3 nts.
6/19/06 - Phinda Forest
6/20/06 - Phinda Forest
6/21/06 - Johannesburg. 2 nts at suite in Michelangelo. Not enough time to go to Cape Town, as it would just complicate matters to get to Botswana.
6/22/06 - Michelangelo Hotel. With ten nights of Mala Mala/Phinda Forest/Durban/Comrades Marathon, I am sure I will already have a lifetime of memories and I will only be halfway done with my trip and not even in Botswana yet!!!
6/23/06 - JNB-Maun. Transfer to Kwando Lagoon. 3 nts.
6/24/06 - Kwando Lagoon.
6/25/06 - Kwando Lagoon.
6/26/06 - Transfer to Duba Plains. 2 nts. Hope to see a live lion kill.
6/27/06 - Duba Plains.
6/28/06 - Mombo, 3nts. Last chance before rates go to their highest on July 01st.
6/29/06 - Mombo
6/30/06 - Mombo
7/01/06 - Transfer to JNB. JNB-LAX
7/02/06 - Arrive home.

Wow, that would be 14 nts. worth of safari at some pretty spectacular places, not to mention doing a little race known as the Comrades Marathon!

There will have to another couple Fodorites sign up for this itinerary, less Comrades!

It is a trip like this that will hopefully come to mind when I am lying on my death bed, in oh, about 100 years.

Then again, I could always just book a trip to Club Med or Sandals Resort!
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Feb 16th, 2004, 10:28 PM
Original Poster
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(From the "I am so full of ...." files, here is my 2005 itinerary that will keep me out of Africa:


2/23/05 Depart LAX

2/24/05 En Route

2/25/05 Arrive Hong Kong (3). The Peninsula.

2/26/05 The Peninsula.

2/27/05 The Peninsula. Hong Kong vicinity ? China Coast Marathon.

2/28/05 Hong Kong ? Delhi (overnight)

3/01/05 Arrive Delhi at 5AM. Transfer to Agra (1). Amar Vilas

3/02/05 Transfer to Jaipur ? Raj Vilas (3)

3/03/05 Raj Vilas

3/04/05 Raj Vilas

3/05/05 Transfer to Ranthambhore ? Vanya Vilas (3)

3/06/05 Ranthambhore

3/07/05 Ranthambhore

3/08/05 Transfer to Delhi ? Imperial Hotel (2)

3/09/05 Imperial Hotel

3/10/05 Depart Delhi ? Hong Kong ? Sydney

3/11/05 Arrive Sydney. Transfer to Katoomba (3) ? Lilianfels Blue Mountains.

3/12/05 Lilanfels Blue Mountains ? 6 Foot Track (Trail) Ultra Marathon (45K).

3/13/05 Lilanfels Blue Mountains

3/14/05 Transfer to Sydney (4). Rydges Jamison Hotel (formerly Le Meridien).

3/15/05 Rydges Jamison Hotel. Hunter Valley Winetasting Excursion?

3/16/05 Rydges Jamison Hotel.

3/17/05 Rydges Jamison Hotel.

3/18/05 Depart Sydney-Hong Kong?-LAX

3/19/05 - Arrive LAX

I haven't run a marathon in the last 14 months but I have two scheduled on two different continents within a 14 day period here?!

Sorry, but with this years trip booked and 2006's Africa trip already planned to a "t", I must now entertain myself with the above outrageous itinerary.

I figure that I can get very cheap airfare to Hong Kong from LAX on economy and then probably use FF miles on Cathay Pacific to Delhi with a free stopover in Hong Kong and then only pay for the Hong Kong-Sydney segment.

Hong Kong (3)
Agra (1) (Taj Mahal)
Jaipur (3)
Ranthambhore (3)
Delhi (2)
Katoomba (3) (A UNESCO Heritage Site)
Sydney (4)

Wish I had a couple more days in India but I really would not wish to devote an entire trip to either Hong Kong (repeat visit) or Australia (just doesn't interest me enough).

Sounds very ambitious but I'm down 10 pounds for the year and feeling very optimistic!
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Feb 16th, 2004, 10:31 PM
Original Poster
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sorry...I meant that I can likely get free business class airfare from LAX-Hong Kong-Delhi-Hong Kong-LAX and only pay for air from Hong Kong or Delhi to Sydney.
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Feb 17th, 2004, 05:19 AM
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KK at Mala Mala has been sold to Exeter and their new traversing rights only extend to the Toulon property ie. a 1/4 of their original traversing right when they were part of Mala Mala.

KK has a beautiful setting but isn't as productive,game wise,as Mala Mala Main Camp.This is one of the reasons why Mr. Ratray sold this property.

Mala Mala is no petting zoo-this is wild Africa at its best!Mr Ratray was recently offered 200 million US dollars for Main Camp but refused to sell.
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