Lin studies photography with Phil Douglis

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Photo stock libraries hold thousands upon thousands of photographs by many different photographers in a database that is searchable by potential customers looking for photographs for a range of purposes.

The photographers themselves provide keywords that describe their image and it's these keywords that help potential customers to find their images.

Rather than picture editors of magazines, newspapers and books or graphic designers of marketing and commercial work having to choose, contact and deal with individual photographers they turn to stock libraries instead.

The best stock libraries build up a strong clientele and a strong database of images and can bring photographers and buyers together very effectively. For this service they take a commission - a % of the sale price.

Sale price depends on the license type and can either be royalty free (unspecified use) or rights managed (price dependent on exact use down to size image is used, distribution area, print run etc).

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You said "the Leica will not have enough zoom." I am not sure what you are referring to here. If you mean the little Leica D-Lux 2 (aka Panasonic LX-1), you are right. It is best at wideangle photography, which is not what wildlife photography usually entails. If you are referring to the Leica lens on the Panasonic FZ-30, you can be assured that its 12x zoom, plus its extended zoom options, is a perfect tool for wildlife.
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A lot of interesting reading here and not to forget great pictures.

Phil: I am wondering what you mean bu extended zoom options, are you referring to the digital zoom? My camera is a FZ-20 and I have always heard that using the digital zoom is a big no no.

Off topic but: I'm reading all the threads on Kenya/TZ and very much looking forward to my trip next summer. Spent four years of my childhood in Kenya and going back for the first time since then (30 years...)

I have loads of pictures from Kenya/Tz taken by my father in the early 70's. Been scanning the negatives and doing some work on them in photoshop. I must say I can only hope to come close to his quality work.
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I meant the Panasonic LX-1. I definately don't want to have inadequate zoom as that's the downfall of my Canon.

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Hi, Siro,

The Extended Zoom (EZ) feature is a new addition to the Panasonic line. I am not sure how many of their cameras now have it, but I know it is available in both the FZ30 and the LX-1. It is NOT digital zoom. You are right. "Digital Zoom" is a huge no-no. It should always be off, and kept off. All it does is magnify pixels and thereby degrade them. It is a marketing gimmick and has no practical use.

Extended Zoom (EZ) is entirely different. You must LOWER the resolution to use it. What you are doing,in essence, is creating a smaller frame, just like cropping. Yet the integrity of the pixels remain intact. If I lower the resolution setting of my FZ 30 from 8MP to 5MP, and then zoom all the way out, instead of shooting of 420mm, I am shooting at 535mm. And if I lower the resolution to 3 MP, I can shoot at 668mm.

Read more about it here:

It is invaluable in wildlife photography. It like adding two more lenses! It made those leopard pictures in my safari gallery possible.


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Thanks for clearing that up. I don't believe I have EZ on my Panasonic, but I sure will check. Hmmm, time for an upgrade maybe.

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I also used to have the FZ 20. It did not have the EZ feature.

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TTT for Sue. Phil's class can be arranged as one, two, three or four days depending upon your availability and what you want to delve into. Phil tailors the class to your specific needs, your camera, your knowledge level, your creative focus. I recommend it!
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