Aug 12th, 1997, 01:35 PM
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My daughter has accepted a position at a firm in Johannesburg, S.A. for the month of August. Recently I have read that the area has become increasingly unsafe and travelers are required to be more alert in certain areas and situations. If anyone can share any personal experience or knowledge I would be very grateful.
J Singel
Aug 21st, 1997, 07:08 AM
Noelle van der Waag
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I lived in Johannesburg for most of my life and moved to Cape Town last year. My entire family still lives there. Yes Jo'burg is not a safe city but it isnt Gotham City either. If one observes normal safety rules you should be fine. I mean no lady should drive around alone late at night etc. However, these are problems common to most big cities.

If I were here I would take the post and have a ball for the month. Joburg is very central from a travel point of view and has much to offer in the way of restaurants etc.

Aug 23rd, 1997, 08:02 AM
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I am sorry, but I strongly disagree. I stayed in Sandton (a very upmarket-residential area) for 2 years. Three burglaries and an attempted car hi-jack later, I moved down to Cape Town. I now feel safe again!
Sep 13th, 1997, 07:42 PM
Joyce B. Alcoreza
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I saw your reply to a concerned mom whose daughter went to Johannesburg... thought you might want to share your ideas to me -- I'll be going on a safari tour this November-December. I really don't know what to expect, specially as far as safety is concerned. I'll be spending a couple of days in Cape Town and Johannesburg. I'm so excited but am also concerned about what I hear regarding the streets of Johannesburg...
Sep 23rd, 1997, 08:48 AM
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Dear Joyce

Cape Town is quite safe. The normal "big city" do's and dont's apply. Johannesburg are nowadays only used as a gateway to the rest of Africa or South Africa by foreigners. If staying in JNB, PLEASE be careful!!!!! Statistics show that only one family relocates from CPT to JNB for every 7 families that move from JNB to CPT. If you intend doing stunning outings such as SOWETO township, Kruger National Park, Sun City, Gold Reef City etc. make sure you use a guided tour. I would not suggest that you explore JNB on your own. The famous Blue Train doen't even stop in JNB anymore on route from CPT, it now stops in Pretoria. If you need any brochures or additional info, please e-mail me and I will gladly mail it to you where ever you live. Kind regards - Wilco
Sep 29th, 1997, 04:29 PM
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Joyce, My husband and I stayed in Captetown 5 days just this past July and also several days (coming and going from one point to another) in August. I can't say enough about both cities, and all of the horror stories you hear are from people who knew people who did not "play by the rules". I would not walk downtown St. Paul, MN at night and therefore, would not in a city that was not familiar. We took a tour of Soweto (through Jimmy's Face to Face Tours) and loved every minute of it. We did not feel the need to tour Jo'Berg--would have loved to go to Pretoria,, but not enough time.
We took a tour of Capetown and surrounding area--again, it was wonderful. We did not get to wine country--again, not enough time. We both would love to go back and add these things. We were in South Africa for a month! You are in for a treat!
Oct 1st, 1997, 12:47 PM
Michelle Parfitt
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We have recently returned from a 3 week "fly drive" tour of South Africa and Swaziland. Jo'burg can be dangerous but as long as you TAKE CARE and generally keep your wits about you, as you would in any major city, you will be fine. However, get out of the city and see the real country and you will certainly not be disappointed. Kruger National Park is a must and don't be put off by reports that Sun City is simply slot machines - the Palace of the Lost City is beautiful and not in the slighest bit tacky. Pilansberg is only a couple of hours drive from Jo'Burg - the balloon safari is unforgettable!
Nov 26th, 1997, 04:38 PM
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I would like more information on Pilansberg and the balloon safari. We will have 2 days at the end of our tour of SA in Joberg. We want to make the most of them. What are your specific suggestions? Thanks!
Nov 26th, 1997, 11:04 PM
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Pilansberg is a small game park in the middle of what used to be known as Bophuthatswana. It is very close to Sun City and The Palace Hotel which is unbelievable. We recently hosted an international legal conference at the Palace and our guests were enchanted by this unique place. Some blase people say it is 'kitch' but if you consider where it is and in the context it was built it is quite incredible.
The game park has the 'big five' so you should get a chance to see some game. There are organised open van tours of the park and even night drives. Well worth a visit.
Regarding 'safety' in Joburg vs Cape Town etc. I have lived in JBurg for over 10 yrs & Pretoria the rest of my life. 'touch wood' no muggings. I visited CT and Zimbabwe and had 4 attempted muggings in as many hours. So 'I' could say Cape Town is less safe than JoBurg. Rubbish to all of it. Yes our crime rate has risen horrendously over the last few years but then we lived in an artificially arranged 'utopia'. I travel around at night on my own BUT I am not stupid. Keep doors locked, cell phone nearby and don't go into 'unsafe' areas. Get information on these areas
from 'un-hysterical' locals and travel agents in the usual way and take more than normal precautions all over South Africa at all times. Enjoy your holiday!

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