Is a dome tent safe in Serengeti?


Nov 18th, 2013, 11:10 PM
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Is a dome tent safe in Serengeti?

Hey all!

I started planning my Safari trip few days ago, going with two friends. I feel like I don't know much about it, it is a bit scary.

We are renting a Land Rover and self-driving, I chose it not to have a roof tent. We will take our tent instead:

Is it a good enough tent to survive in the bush?

I would also appreciate references of the public camp sites, in Serengeti and Ngorongoro.


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Nov 19th, 2013, 12:20 AM
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There are people who camp there and I have never heard of any attack.

Definitely you will be guided by the people who will be giving you the camping space.

Enjoy your safari.
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Nov 19th, 2013, 07:01 AM
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Hi Jesus!
You will be fine in your tent, although I personally prefer a roof-top tent, where the view at night (of elephants, hyenas, lions and whatever else will wander into your campsite) is spectacular and where I feel just a tad safer - I am certain I would have nightmares about being stepped on by an elephant if I was on the ground! .

The public campsites at Seronera in the Serengeti tend to be very crowded and, the last time we viewed them (2012), they were a mess - poorly maintained and garbage strewn everywhere. We were thankful we were not camping there - we had just stopped for lunch.

The public campsite at Lobo in the northern Serengeti was also poorly maintained - the elephants and baboons had torn the washrooms apart. In addition, we found the roads in the Lobo area to be very rough. However, there were only two groups camped at Lobo, so much more private/quiet than Seronera. Also, the view from that campsite is lovely.

We prefer the special campsites - always very isolated and in spectacular locations - but they are very expensive.

The public campsite on the rim of the crater is well maintained. Be prepared to be very cold on the rim - you will need very warm sleeping bags.

Below is the link to my trip report and photos from our 2009 self-drive through Tanzania and Kenya - I haven't finished the 2012 report yet. Enjoy! CR
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Nov 19th, 2013, 08:31 PM
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All, thanks for your reply!

Robin, I had come across your blog already, beautiful! I think I kind of prefer public camp sites that u have people around instead special camps, I am scared of being eaten by lions hehe.

I guess once I am there I will change my mind. Are special camps patrolled by rangers? Are they really isolated?

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Nov 20th, 2013, 06:14 AM
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Hi again Jesus!
I certainly understand while you might feel safer on the public campsites with other people around although, after the incident in the Western Corridor, I always worry more about poachers than animals/predators.

The only campsites that are guarded by rangers (as far as I know) are the campsites in the Mara of Kenya, where you are now required to hire armed rangers whether you are on a public or special campsite - this after several incidents of armed robbery at tented camps and campsites. We dreaded having armed guards on our campsite on our 2012 trip, but the interaction with the two rangers who guarded us each night was a highlight of the trip.

The special campsites are very isolated. Of course, that is both the appeal and the danger. Robin
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