How safe is it

Dec 11th, 2001, 02:54 PM
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How safe is it


I am considering taking up a medium term assignment in Tel Aviv. Needless to say, I am going back and forth on it. Through my research so far, I see that Tel Aviv is a relatively safer place in Israel. Also I am an Indian by origin.

I would appreciate it if anybody can give me some perspectives.

Thanks in Advance
Dec 12th, 2001, 07:48 AM
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A heat seeking missile knows no nationality. When it hits, you are done.
Dec 12th, 2001, 03:25 PM
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Thav, what missile? That was a stupid thing to say!
Dec 14th, 2001, 05:25 PM
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I, too, am considering a trip to Israel (Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem). It's a once-in-a-lifetime trip for me, for several reasons. I've been trying to plan a trip there for about 10 years, but it hasn't worked out until now. But it's 7 days before my scheduled departure, and I'm quite conflicted. I'm especially interested in hearing from someone who's been recently, but I'd love to hear others' perspectives. Thanks!
Dec 18th, 2001, 03:53 PM
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My wife and I spent the entire month of Nov., in Israel.We based ourselves out of Tel Aviv,and took many tours (daily)from there.We had a magnificent time, never felt threatened,and we went evreywhere.FOR GOD'S SAKE GO, do not listen to IDIOTS like THAV,we walked the streets of Tel Aviv, day and night,no problems.People were delighted to have us in their country.Granted , we were not throwing stones at Israeli soldiers !
I can recommend a beautiful , small hotel, directly on the beach,the staff was out of this world.I am not trying to push you in any direction, but I get upset when , I hear people run down Israel as a destination, when they do not know what their talking about. We went as tourists, we are not Jewish,but they treated these two Canadians like gold...
If ,we can be of any assistance,please contact me..
Dec 18th, 2001, 04:32 PM
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My husband and I are going to go to Israel in February. Tel Aviv is a terrific and vibrant city. While nothing is "far" from the West Bank in Israel (seeing as how the whole country is about the size of New Jersey), Tel Aviv feels very different from Jerusalem -- very modern, tech driven.

I think it would be fascinating. And truthfully, I live in New York, and New York hasn't felt so safe recently. It's a question of your comfort level.

Israel's tourism has been very adversely affected, and your presence (whether as tourist or temporary expat) will be appreciated.

John: I have been all over the world -- China, the Amazon, safari in Africa, Australia, etc. -- and Israel is the most fascinating place I have ever been. The idea that you are walking on paths that were walked 2000 years ago is amazing; the fact that you are at a place which is the confluence for so many histories and beliefs is awesome. You will not regret going at all. Have a wonderful, wonderful trip.
Jan 23rd, 2002, 02:28 PM
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As long as you take guided tours, or take people's advice in Israel as to areas to avoid, you have no reason to fear.

As an Israeli, living in the US, I have heard and met MANY tourists coming back from Israel. ALL had nothing but a great time.

This is also a good time to visit, 'cause prices are LOW. Since tourism is at a low point now, hotels are slashing prices dramatically.
Jan 30th, 2002, 07:05 AM
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Tel Aviv and Jerusalem are just wonderful. True, palestinians/terrorists are doing their best to intimidate and murder, but the Israeli security forces are everywhere, and do a great job controlling them.

As a western tourist you are much safer in Israel than in Islamic countries such as Egypt, Pakistan etc, where tourists are routinely targeted for murder and kidnapping.

Also, it is important to support civilized western countries and their allies, and to deny tourist dollars to nations that harbor or sponsor terrorists.

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