Going into debt for Africa?


Mar 31st, 2005, 10:17 AM
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I have found that this thread really touches an emothional cord with me, and I thought the last two posts from Roccco and Celia really articulated alot of what I have been thinking about.

We are planning our first trip to Africa next year. After a long period of unemployment I am finally back to work and feel like I can make some future plans again. It will be my 50th birthday and our 5th anniversary and I really wanted to make a special trip. Even though things for us are still tight financially (no debt, but the house sure could use some work)I really feel doing this now is important for ME and US. Our honeymoon was rafting in the Grand Canyon and we really haven't been on an adventure since then.

When I was younger I traveled all over the world and had an insatiable wanderlust, somehow that part of me got buried as I climbed the corporate ladder (and got spoiled by all the first class business travel). Well now I'm starting at the bottom of the corporate ladder again but I'm rediscovering that good part of me.

I don't want my husband to be one of those people who has never been farther than Mexico or Hawaii. He is not a city guy so the great cities of Europe don't really interest him. This will be his first foreign excursion and I hope he will catch the bug for more (Roccco - he was so excited to see your thread regarding cameras - I'm sure he will be contacting you).

I'll be starting another thread for your help with planning (still haven't decided on Kenya or Tanzania or a mixture of both) but the anticiapation and excitement of just planning this trip has already made it worth braking the bank!

Whew - it feels good to get that off my chest! Thanks all.
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