Egypt- only time for highlights-must do's?

Jun 8th, 2000, 06:01 AM
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Egypt- only time for highlights-must do's?

I planned my trip to Scottland through this forum..hopefully I can do the same with Egypt.

My husband and I(younger active travelers)will have a few days(4-6) to spend in Egypt. We will be flying in from Jerusalem. I have read about Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Abu Simbel.
We want to skip city of Cairo and the dams.
We have too few days for a cruise(i think)-are we missing out? What would be the ideal itinerary?(ex is Abu Simbal better than Aswan) We will be there in September.

Any/all input is great(ex really need more time to do Egypt justice?)
Jun 10th, 2000, 05:57 AM
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Fly to Cairo. Spend a day seeing the pyramids,sphinx and the Egyptian Museum. Fly to and see Abu Simbal (half a day) then fly on to Luxor. See Karnak, the tombs in the Valley of the Kings/Queens and take a short cruise down the Nile to Aswan. Fly out of there home.
Jun 10th, 2000, 04:00 PM
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Hi, I am also going to egypt and wanted to stay about a week! We were thinking Cairo then Luxor, but heard travelling inbetween the 2 is not safe. Any advice? We are also going to Sinai earlier in the trip, (I have been there before and highly recommend it!). Why are you not doing the pyramids?

Jun 22nd, 2000, 02:04 PM
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We have decided to fly to Cairo, sightsee and then fly on to Luxor- as suggested. Due to time constraints we will not be able to take a nile cruise.

Our next hurdle is to find someone to organize the egyptologist and car/driver. I tried Gate1...but you must go through an agent, any recommendations? Can we go it alone?
Jun 22nd, 2000, 06:52 PM
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Jun 25th, 2000, 06:36 AM
Lorena Aguilar
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I am going with a group of eight to Cairo. I will like to know if we could do the visit to the Pyramids without a tour guide on our own renting a taxi? Should we ask for a round trip fare or are thee taxis available at the pyramids to come back?

We are also planning to visit Luxor and we have been told that if you buy the tickets abroad there are chepear. Any clue on this?
Jun 26th, 2000, 07:51 AM
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Abu Simbel is magnificent due to its size. It definately gives you the "wow" factor. Really lets you appreciate the beauty and magificence of the ancient Egyptian's ability to build large monuments.

Aswan was relaxing and the felucca ride was amazingly beautiful. But, there wasn't much "to do" there.

Luxor is a must. Valley of the Kings/Queens shows the tombs (many with paint that is still as colorful as it was 4000 years ago). Karnak and Luxor Temples are a must see also for the "wow - they could build huge temples that are still standing today" factor.

In Cairo, go to the Cairo museum if only to see Tut's treasures. The rest of the museum is great too, but Tut's funerary mask was the hi-lite.

Also, who can go to Egypt without seeing the Pyramids??!! They are an engineering feat and should not be missed. You can even go inside!

Finally, take a camel ride.

Take 1 day for Abu Simbel and Aswan (plus travel time), 2 days for Luxor (1 if you hit it really hard) and 2-3 in Cairo. That would be a whirlwind trip - but you can do it with some careful planning.
Jun 26th, 2000, 07:52 AM
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Do it alone. We spent 2 weeks there earlier in June and did it all ourselves. In Luxor we hired a guide for the Valleys and Temples which just made things easier (American Express Travel - guide was Moustafa who is WONDERFUL!).
Nov 26th, 2000, 12:29 AM
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Looking for the same information--Any additional comments to add to this?
Nov 26th, 2000, 01:01 PM
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If I were on a very limited schedule (just a few days), I would definitely go to Cairo to experience the Pyramids. In one day you also could get to the museum.

Next on my list of priorities would be Luxor--Luxor Temple, Karnak, Valley of the Kings, etc. I would spend at least two days exploring in and around Luxor, possibly three if time permitted. If I had to sacrifice Abu Simbal, I would. It's a magnificent place to visit, but if I were really pressed for time, I would place it behind Luxor.

In reference to somebody else's question--Yes, you can certainly experience the Pyramids without a guide. Taxis are easy to obtain, and I'm sure your hotel can help you find a reliable driver who will take you to the Pyramids and wait for you for a reasonable price.

In Luxor, I think a guide adds an immense amount to the experience. Not that you need a guide for every waking moment. But a guided tour of Karnak and the Luxor Temple--even a guide when you visit tombs in the Valley of the Kings--will add a lot to your understanding and appreciation of what you are seeing.
Feb 3rd, 2001, 05:25 PM
Tom Bryan
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I an going to Egypt in April 2001. What immunizations do you recommend We will eating at the tourist hotels and cruise ships? Would appreciate youe help. Tom Bryan Savannah, Ga
Feb 4th, 2001, 07:33 AM
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dear all

for any further info about egypt ,ready ro advise you

jordanholidays/tours &travel
Feb 4th, 2001, 09:45 PM
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Tom we didn't get any shots, etc. and were fine. ( other posters have same the same thing on this forum) I believe the CDC recommends Hepatitus as a precaution.
Feb 5th, 2001, 08:37 AM
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Tom, we (4) were in Israel/Egypt in late June. Did not get any immunization for the trip. Did heed advice as to drinking and eating. Difficult to tell what caused minor discomforts we had. Could have been from adjustment to heat, to the food, or from being careless in eating, brushing, bathing, etc. No problem in Israel but some of us did experience digestive problems in Egypt. I would still go it again. It was forth it. And, not sure what I would change in regards to eating/drinking. Do advise that if you are there in hot time of the year or even when cooler but windy to be sure to maintain a good intake of fluids. And, the bottled water we got at variety of places tasted fine. Make sure bottle is initially opened in your presence. Have a great trip!
Mar 13th, 2001, 09:13 AM
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Luxor area for Valley of Kings (and possibly Queens) is a must. I would not pay the extra fee to go into TUTs tomb though as there is virtually nothing there and cost is 40 pounds. All the loot from that tomb is in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. Luxor the city is worth exploring. Also Cairo for the Pyramids area and museum are musts. I also like old Egypt the Coptic areas. Impressed with the Hanging church and the place where Joseph and Mary supposedly hid out with Jesus.

I would go between Nov-April though. Too hot in summer.

Mar 27th, 2001, 11:13 AM
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