Dream Trip Kenya & Tanzania??


Sep 27th, 2004, 11:21 AM
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I don't plan to get into a hissy fit as to who knows more or how many visits one has or hasn't done. I've been to East Africa more than enough times to realize that things change, including the quality of lodges, roads, best times for animal sitings, etc. So each of us has our own personal feelings when making recommendations. Hopefully no one reading any of our posts will consider these cast in stone - only suggestions based on what the person responding has experienced. And no one is twisting anyone's arm to go to one place or another. I certainly don't consider myself an expect as there is always something to learn yearly with the ongoing changes taking place in East Africa.

Specific to the original post, I wasn't the only person who felt there were too many one-night stays and lots of time spent driving between parks/reserves - an itinerary from a tour operator that didn't take into consideration time of year and that certain places weren't at optimum for animal viewing. And when a poster mentions that this would likely be a "once in a lifetime dream trip" you consider what would give that poster the best bang for the time and dollars/pounds being spent.

For those of us who are return visitors many times over, we already know which stops we would not repeat, but probably didn't the first time out. The reason I mentioned that "king's" suggestions was very viable for return visitors, except for the lodging and something told me that Phil wasn't likely to be arriving in time to get to Amboseli immediately.

I believe we all ventured into our first trips to Africa (East or Southern) not unlike Phil - lots of information, reserves, lodgings, number of days, drive or fly, and on and on - and only had the tour operator to depend on. Thankfully, today we have available input for travelers at a site like Fodors.

As to the Seychelles, yes, I was last there myself in '98, but friends have been since (in the past 5-years) and new lodgings have been built, others hotels haven't been kept up as they should, so I've adjusted my comments accordingly. And for those friends and even a few posters to this board who decided to stay only on one island (with exception of say a Fregate or more recently North) rather then split their time between at least two islands, found time wasted when they wished to visit other islands and learned that someplaces in the world just don't have "hourly shuttle service" between one place or another.

All any of us who post here can do is suggest and recommend based on knowledge we have personally experienced or learned along the way, all of which is worthwhile posting. The final decision still comes down to the individuals who will be traveling based on their needs, number of days available for the trip and budget. None of us has all the information. Specific to this thread, I don't seem to recall reading input from king or earl along the way as Phil was trying to get a handle on arrangments for his trip. Everyone's imput is welcomed!

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Sep 27th, 2004, 12:47 PM
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king - In response to your question:

>>On a different note - how long do you think the drive from Masai Mara to Amboseli is?<<

It's 360 miles! Of course it's longer then the drive from Ngorongoro to Lobo!


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Sep 27th, 2004, 03:20 PM
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Hi Sandi:

Yes, Ol Tukai has made many improvements in the last six months. They are a fantastic group.

I did not see any snakes at Amboseli, however. All my snake episodes have been at Tsavo East. I know Amboseli has pythons, but I have never seen a snake there.

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Sep 28th, 2004, 05:27 AM
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'morning Jan:

Ok, got it now, it's snakes at Tsavo East! Amazing how many of us seem to be waiting for your latest "snake" incident when you post your trip reports. And with the recent threads inquiring about these, you're the only one with "up-close-and-personal" tales each and every time. As for me, only one really small non-poisonous green snake and a dead Momba in the middle of the road.

Will make a point to check out Ol Tukai in Amboseli next trip. Thanks. Bye the way was very impressed with your report about your time at Elephant Watch. I think this would be a good alternative for anyone who has previously visited Amboseli?

As to pythons! Won't give these another thought.

Phil, apologies for hijacking your thread - let's get back to that whenever you're ready.

Yes, Ol Tukai has made many improvements in the last six months. They are a fantastic group.

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Sep 28th, 2004, 10:54 AM
Original Poster
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Well, I've now got my tickets booked so we're going! no changing minds now.

Still working with Roys on itinerary - Kenya side is fine but BIG problems re accom in Tanzania. Ndutu seems full

Anyone experienced "shared camps"?
Need more info generally on this to consider it as an option, so if you have any info or suggestions re accom - please post it!
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