Countries that allow big game hunting?

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Countries that allow big game hunting?

My husband and I will be planning a second trip to southern Africa in the coming year. We would like to spend our money in a country that does NOT allow big game hunting. Zimbabwe just started this practice again after a two week moratorium . I know these countries economies also depend on hunting, but we want to go to a country that does not allow it. Please let us know which countries DO NOT allow big game hunting.
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Botswana banned hunting last year. I believe Malawi has no hunting. That's about it for southern Africa. If you look at East Africa, Kenya hasn't had hunting since the 70s. But South Africa, Namibia, Zim, Zambia and Tanzania all have hunting.
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If we all stop spending our photo safari dollars in countries that allow hunting, where is the incentive to end hunting? I totally understand your disgust, but we have to make wildlife more valuable alive than dead. We have to even go a little further and ensure that the local communities profit in some way by those animals being alive so they stop poaching and enabling the hunting.

I live in a country that is once again exterminating its top predator. I do everything I can to protect wolves in the Rockies, but we are losing the fight. It is hunters from my country who are a big part of the problem in foreign lands. I find it hypocritical for me to only spend my travel dollars in countries that ban hunting when I can't even prevent it in my own. I spend my safari dollars how I think they do the most good, which includes the local communities to help them understand that the creatures they are surrounded by can be profitable for them. We visit community owned reserves, use the services of locals, include locals in our conservation efforts.

Your intentions are great. Just rethink it and you may be able to make a difference so our grandchildren can enjoy the wildlife like we do.

Even in countries that ban hunting, there is still significant poaching. Elephants are being decimated in Kenya where all wildlife is protected, Botswana reserves are constantly fighting the snares that locals use to poach the protected wildlife and rhinos are being poached to extinction in protected areas everywhere.
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Kenya banned hunting years ago, however 'poaching' still goes on and KEN is losing ellees, lions, rhinos and other species. Even borne Tanzanians who live in KENYA (country right next door), head across the border to slaughter game. So there is no guarantee that some species will not soon disappear. Overall shameful.

Unless all of Africa and Asia completely outlaw hunting, we're in the sh!ts! Outlawing is like asking Texas (they're the worst) to stop trophy hunting. Better see game in their natural habitat now or they'll all be gone within 20/yrs.
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