Cape Verde in Novembre

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Cape Verde in Novembre

In the beginning of Novembre I have some days off. Is it a good time to visit Sal?
Any special tips for a stay of 10 - 14 days?

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I know Sal island in cape verde, and itīs a rather "nice" island if youīre planning to rest, and release stress, because, thereīs nothing much to see.
The only main atractions are, the salt mine, inside a extinct vulcanoe, ( Ponta do Lume ) and the Buracona, that is a natural sea pool on a cliff.
The salt mine, is very nice, because you can swim in the pools that they have there, and even if you canīt swim, you must try, because youīll have the same feeling as if you were in the dead sea.The beach in the small village of Santa Maria is good. Not to hot the water, with some small waves, and I didnīt notice any sea current, that can be considered dangerous. Sharks arenīt considered a major problem, even thow I saw a small one, already dead.
If you rent a car, youīll find it very, easy to drive, because the main road has got no curves, but beware to use your safety belt, and for security reasons donīt overspeed. Remember always not to drink and drive.
Avoid tap water.
If you like music, youīll love cape verde.
If you need, more tips, just post it here.
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Thanks for your answer. It's the first positive I heard about Cape Verde.
For our short trip I have several ideas where to go, one of it is Cape Verde, but after reading a travel guide,I'm not sure any more. How about the wind and the sand? Is it really that bad, that people, who wear contactlenses shouldn't go there?
If you are experienced in this area perhaps you could give me some advice where to go. I'm from Germany, so the flight is not too long to Cape Verde to spend there only 1 week. Is Sal the best island to stay? In addition I need some positive points to convince my husband that Cape Verde is worth to visit. For me Cape Verde is new, sounds exotic, is not too far away, is warm, and I'm interested of the mixture of inhabitants.
Thanks in advance for your answer.
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well. the wind can be a bit of a problem, but nothing that stops you from having a normal "life".
The wind is "located" ( if so to say ) in some areas of the island, near the beach, and normally blows "stronger" in the afternoon ( those hours when one should avoid sun exposure ). In the morning and at night thereīs just a nice brezze.
The best island to stay. Well I only visited Sal, and I know that is the island that is more prepared to tourism, and the other are not that much. While I was there, some people went to visit other islands, and they told me that they were very beautiful, in particularly the island of Fogo ( fire ), that has a vulcanoe. But as you know, beauty is in the eyes of people, and one thing that can be beautiful to one, may not be to other.
Positive points...well, first there are no Malaria problems; the food is very good, they have lots of sea food, very fresh; even thow i donīt drink alchool, people say that the "national drink" named grogue is very good; The music is very good, they love music, but not that "african noisy music". They have "romantic" melodies named mornas and coladeras for you to dance slowly, but with that "african touch" ( understand !!!).
what else...the flight is not long, the airport is good, and safe ( one of the longest runaways Iīve ever seen ).
the inhabitants are friendly, in fact they are very used to tourists, and itīs more likely that they donīt "pay you attention" unless you ask something, what I mean is that there isnīt those "dealers" trying to sell you hand crafted products, and everything else.
Not so positive aspect. I find just one.
the views. Thereīs nothing too see. Itīs a semi-arid island, with little vegetation, almost flat ( apart from the vulcanoe ). When the plain is about to land, you seem to be landing on the moon.( do you know what Sal means in Portuguese...itīs SALT, so itīs the island of salt, and whereīs salt, nothing grows ).
Think well, and get to a conclusion.
If you change destination, itīs in a way understandable, on the other, youīll rarely have a country, in the African continent that you can visit without taking extreme precautions.
Keep in touch if you need more tips.

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Hallo Mike,
thanks a lot for your detailled answer. I'll think about going there.

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