Cape Town

Sep 30th, 2002, 10:15 PM
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Cape Town

Hi Traci,
Thanks for answering,it is just great as I am now able to understand much better and can make a better choice.Your advise is great and I can even opt for Oct to be there.Can you help with one or two more question?For all that you suggest for CT can it be down without a car?What sort of public transport would be best for those who do not drive?As for this private game reserve, I can book them thru the local agency in CT...right.I think I can easily get a flight out of Singapore to CT and to book my accomodations 0n-line.May I know how far is this game thing away from CT....have to take a flight out.??? Probably I will allocate 10 days to about 2 weeks for this trip and this will give me more time to explore city or places nearby.Your suggestions and explanation I appreciate.Florence
Oct 1st, 2002, 09:23 AM
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You keep saying "this game thing." You do realize that game drive is just another word for safari. Game meaning "animals." It's just driving around the area looking for animals. A safari consists of going on game drives. A game park is an animal park. I'm concerned that you may think it's some kind of game, as in something you play. Tell me if I'm wrong. It was just your phrasing of it that kind of made me wonder and I wanted to make sure you understood. Traci didn't specify when she answered.
Oct 1st, 2002, 06:25 PM
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Thanks Patrica,I have a clear picture now and your explaination is good.
Oct 3rd, 2002, 03:51 AM
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Good point Patricia

To answer your new questions Florence, Cape Town can be done without hiring a car, but if you do not drive I would not recommend that you rely on public transport. I recommend that any of your day trips to the places I suggested be booked through a local tour operator who will then include transport from and back to your hotel.

Selwyn where are you? You know local tour operators/activities much better than I and I remember some comments about a game reserve nearby Cape Town that I had never heard of.

Florence, the better known game parks/reserves/safaris are not close to Cape Town. These are in the eastern part of the country, whereas Cape Town is nearly as far west as you can get. SA Airways offer a flight from Cape Town to Skukuza which is in Mpumalanga where a large number of game reserves are located. The flight is about two and a half hours long. I recommend that you make your safaris/game reserve booking from Singapore because you may not get in anywhere if you wait until you are in South Africa.

Singapore Airlines fly direct into Durban, you will then need to take a domestic flight (on SA Airways or British Airways) from Durban to Cape Town, which is about 2 hours flying time.

If you have two weeks I suggest you do the following:
* Fly into Durban and then onto Cape Town
* Spend a week in Cape Town doing some of the things I mentioned
* Fly back to Durban and then travel onto the northern KwaZulu-Natal area.
If you book at one of the private lodges/game reserves they will probably collect you from Durban Airport for the drive to wherever the reserve is situated. This will be about 2 hours drive. Don't be put off - it is a lovely area and you will really enjoy the scenery.
* Spend 2-3 days at the game reserve you have selected. The KwaZulu-Natal north coast has a number of wonderful lodges, and you can even visit the St Lucia wetlands which has been declared a world heritage site.
* Travel back to Durban through the hotel transport as before, and then you can fly directly out of Durban International Airport to Singapore.

Allowing for a bit of time travelling between the centres this should take you between 10 and 14 days. I recommend KwaZulu-Natal for your safari over Mpumalanga to save you travelling time. If you go to Mpumalanga you will have to spend time travelling from this area back to Durban (via Johannesburg)to travel back to Singapore.
Oct 5th, 2002, 11:00 AM
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Thanks so much for all the good advise and suggestions Traci and Selwyn,and shall make plans to fly into Durban instead of CT.I will not be able to book any game reserve in S'pore,as all the tours are package (usually going to CT and Johannesburg plus one or two game reserve)so what Selwyn has provided me with,I will look into them.My appreciation to all of you for fanastic info and truly a great pot of gold!

Oct 18th, 2002, 04:36 AM
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Hi Florence
I was in Cape Town this week and while at the airport noticed a Singapore Airlines aircraft on the apron. So it would seem that Singapore Airlines do fly into Cape Town. It was at the international terminal so I think it was a direct flight. Check with your tour operator/travel agent. It just goes to show - always finding out new things! I still recommend you go the route I suggested of via Durban as the game viewing is better in KZN, but perhaps you can fly direct to Cape Town, then domestic (SAA or British Airways) to Durban, and out back to Singapore from Durban. It may save you money in airfare.

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