African Art in Capetown

Oct 29th, 2004, 10:55 PM
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African Art in Capetown

Just returned from a wonderful short visit to Capetown. Wanted to turn Fodorites onto the best flea market for West African art. It's Sundays outside near Green Point Stadium, a walk from the waterfront. I went with a couple from South Africa who own a furniture store, who were at first poo-pooing the prices and quality and wanted to stay in the car. I have been collecting art for years and had been there a few years ago when I didn't have money or transport. When I came back to the car with the first of my purchases they couldn't believe it. We went early when the weather wasn't great and had the benefit of better pricing. I think foreigners on the whole are uncomfortable with flea markets and bargaining and would rather pay higher prices in a "real" store. But I felt safe and had a great time, but then again I know pricing and art. My friends bought 20,000 rand worth of brass Benin type huge sculptures for their stores as well as lifesize "colonial" men carved in Cote D'ivoire. I bought large sculptures in wood to decorate my new house. I went the next day to a "real" store which was empty on the Waterfront and would have paid sometimes up to 10 times the price for exactly the same quality.

Any advice, feel free to email me.
I am currently on a lengthy "paid" vacation while labor unrest is sorted out at my hospital. Apparently the Zulus want to get rid of all the white doctors. I had just started my first group of children on Aids drugs. In KZN, there are about 9 million total population with about 40% HIV positive.
5% of children under 14 are HIV positive. And I sit on my rear end for my safety while the province sorts out its labor problems. Only 100 children in all of KzN have started treatment!! (And I started 10 of them by myself in a rural hospital)

Maybe I should open an art gallery instead!

[email protected]
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Oct 30th, 2004, 04:22 AM
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You said: Maybe I should open an art gallery instead?
Why not do both? You certainly wouldn't be the first person who turned their hobby into a very successful and rewarding business. You could also do consulting and who knows what all? Just a thought. All of your trips abroad could be business expenses, etc. Liz
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Oct 30th, 2004, 05:26 AM
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Hey Kim
Good to hear from you! Still waiting for pics of the new house, finished!
That's the same market we went to on our Sunday in Cape Town and I agree that it has a wonderful selection of art not just from SA but from various regions in Africa.
Sorry to hear about the possible work problem - is it likely they will take this idea of theirs any further?
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Oct 30th, 2004, 05:52 AM
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We love to flea market, but has anyone experienced mailing packages back to the U.S. I understand it can be quite expensive. Cape Town may be the first stop on our two months in S.A. so cannot carry much with us.
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Oct 30th, 2004, 06:25 AM
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Two aussies,
We mailed ourselves two packages. One was a print we had brought - not heavy in itself but we made such a robust package of bubble wrap and layers and layers of cardboard that it the parcel was heavy enough.
The other had a few small sandstone items, a few more small prints, a book and more bubble wrap and newspaper wadding.
The first one was worth quite a bit more so we started off looking at sending it via FedEx but when I asked them for a quote they said it would cost 980 Rand!!! We went to the post office within the waterfront shopping centre and after we chatted a while they admitted that FedEx actually bring everything to them to post anyway so I'm glad I didn't waste my money. The charge through the PO was 600 Rand plus 40 for insurance up to the value of 2000 Rand. The print was worth more than that but I decided I didn't want to draw too much attention to it by declaring a value on it any higher than 2000 Rand. I think the print itself cost about 3500 Rand so paying 700 Rand postage wasn't as outrageous as it sounds.
For the other parcel, I think the cost is about 150 Rand or less.
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