3 weeks in Africa - Honeymoon


Dec 20th, 2012, 02:44 AM
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3 weeks in Africa - Honeymoon

Hey! I'm thinking about going to Africa on my honeymoon, in June.

I would like to balance wildlife with beach, but I'm not sure where to go.
We're very adventurous and very active, so we don't mind moving around and visiting a lot of sites and countries. Based on common knoledge, I would say Kenya, Tanzania, maybe Mozambique for the beach? We're thinking about going to Uganda to check out the gorillas as well, but I heard it's difficult to get a permit. I'm kind of lost.
I'm looking for advice on where to go and what to do, escaping "tourist traps" and going for the most natural experience (at least for the wildlife part, maybe we can surrender for the beach part!)

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Dec 23rd, 2012, 11:15 AM
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Hi Catarina,I am new here,but i can add my suggestion here as follows;By that time of a year here in Tanzania (June),lots of tourist in Northern circuit hence it's crowded,so for wildlife possibly you could try Southern or Western circuit.About beach,the same to Zanzibar by that time.May be try Pangani-Tanga,Mafia island and Kilwa-southern Tanzania.Tchao.
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Dec 27th, 2012, 10:37 PM
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If you intend to travel to Uganda for the Gorilla trekking, it would be very nice to book your Gorilla trekking permit in advance after confirming the exact date you will be traveling. June is a peak season and yet the gorilla permits are sold out on a first come first serve basis. for the
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Dec 27th, 2012, 10:39 PM
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For the Beach Vacation Dian Beach or Zanzibar will suit your travel needs and am sure you will enjoy. There are specific packages in Uganda which are specifically made for Honey moon with
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Dec 28th, 2012, 08:59 AM
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Start with a good guidebook - Fodor's 'Complete Safari Planning Guide' is a start covering all the safari countries in Africa. And do look at a map to see where all of the countries are located in relation to the others.

Where are you traveling from? How many days do you plan to be 'in-country?' The latter will determine how much you can do with the time you have.

At the same time, check on international air travel for an idea of which country to enter and depart from. Check Kayak, www.kayak.com for flights/schedules/fares. Even flights that include a stop for a few days at Uganda or Rwanda.

Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda* are close to one another; Mozambique is a bit of a distance, when you can opt for beach time on the Kenyan or Tanzania coasts.

*consider Rwanda, where you can use only 3/days vs minimum 4/days Uganda.

For the gorillas, best you determine dates available for permits, which prices have gone up last year... believe $750 each visit to the apes.

Though another posted to be 'away from crowds' consider the Southern or Western parks in Tanzania, know that coming out of the 'long' rains (May), the grasses can be very high in the South, often making it difficult to spot game... visit here would be better from July-Oct. And, for a visit to the West (here to visit the chimps), besides the long flight tends to be very very expensive. Neither of these areas are recommended for a 1st safari, especially if seeking a traditional safari with wide open plains whether in Kenya or Tanzania.

For the 'migration' if of interest, the herds are usually found in the Western corridor of the Serengeti and you won't be alone, but with a good guide... you can avoid them. But you have to remember, this is a time when many travel here
and elsewhere. Sometimes you can't completely avoid them.

Again, how many days? ... and then we can assist.
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Dec 30th, 2012, 04:41 AM
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Hi Catarina,
first i say i am not a professional safari operateur like some people on this forum, some are obviously localy based in Africa with a deep knowledge on thinks while other seems based in the rest of the world with a more theoretical approach...
have you considert Zambia?
the South Luangwa NP has spectacular wildlife, a great variety of safari activities (regular games drives, night drives, walking safaris) and diferent priced lodges. You can combine it with Lake Malawi that have a variety of resorts or with the Mozambique coast.
in Ruaha in south Tanzania in june you will probably not see huge heards of plain game like in the plain of the north but you you will not see many other cars either and i am sure there will be enough to enjoy...anyway you will see elephant, lions and much more...
i went with a friend to North Luangwa in july, it was is first safari, we saw most of the animals but it was the remoteness and the feeling that we where alone in the bush that made it he s most memorable safari...
If you are young and adventourous go for it!
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