$1200 Per Night Private Mobile Safari?

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"so I want to get it right."

Is $1200 pppn what 'gets it right' ??
Sorry Dear Cobbles, i don't think this is what makes a "Safari" right.
IMHO you are looking for the wrong answers...

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cynstalker used a high-end company for a private mobile safari. Royal African

You can find her report in Lynda's EA Trip Report thread, around Feb 07 and a little more than a third down.
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How funny that I should see this right after Bat's posting!

Royal African Safaris was truly a wonderful company to use - we had an unbelievable trip, and I can recommend them without hesitation. They will not combine you with anyone else - the entire trip is yours - planned by you and your guide. Whatever you want, they will find a way to provide. We rarely saw other vehicles, and we saw incredible wildlife, for us the whole point of the trip.

They are very expensive, but for us, we got what we paid for. We stayed at a combination of mobile tents and top-rated lodges, and there was nothing that could have been any better.

And because I sound like an advertisement for them, I need to say that I am in no way asociated with them other than as a customer from a trip nearly 2 years ago.

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I second a few recommendations so far, and will whittle it down a bit for you. For the best private guides in Tanzania, I would whittle it down to 4 people I know:

Peter Jones

Corbett Bishop

Jo Anderson

Francesco Pierre-Nina
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Hi there

If you decide to not do East Africa but Southern africa, proberbly the BEST BEST overland and your wife will be in awe is to do an overland Safari with mike Penman. Mike hosts the show Mad Mike and Mark on animal planet and he does overland safaris in Botswana his web address is www.wildlifestyles.com and it will truely be a trip to remember he is amazing when it comes to finding any animal you want!!
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I took the "I want to get it right" comment to refer to making "the only thing she has ever asked for" a success without glitches for his wife. I did not take it as, I am spending lots of money and I want perfection.

I agree that cost does not necessarily make it right.

Lots of good suggestions have been generated by this thread that should help Cobbles and me and others.
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You know everyone's "right" is different. As different as every safari goer. Some are thrilled beyond expectations with budget safaris, hole-in-the-ground loos, and pup tents on the ground, while others want "over-the-top" air conditioned tents. Some prefer groups and other "want to be left alone!" For as many who think Serena Lodges are the best thing since sliced bread, as many feel only the likes of Sasakwa is the cat's meow.

A good itinerary with a reputable operator who listens, a professional ground outfitter, an outstanding guide, vehicles to meet one's needs, visiting areas with the game one hopes to see at that time of travel, the type of accommodations, at a pace that works.

I am sure that my right would not be the same as yours, nor are there many who have done only one safari wish the same for a subsequent safari. Maybe more here, less there, staying in one type of lodging and not others.

All different, all can be "right."

Cobbles has a number of resources to research.

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You're right.
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Just lurking, enjoying, and following this thread. With only two safaris under my belt, both in Zambia, I, too, am looking for future places to explore in the vastness of Africa. Wasn't going to comment, but feel compelled to after seeing the plug for Mad Mike.

Do, please look at the show on Animal Planet and on U-Tube for his famous (infamous) teasing of the lion with the toilet paper roll.

Maybe you will enjoy a trip where it's about the guide more than the country and wildlife, but I have been thoroughly disgusted by his over-the-top-act and outright harassment of wildlife. Some of the stuff on the Animal Planet is so phony (eg, Will Mad Mike survive the climb to the top of the Namibia while hauling a $15,000. camera inches above the sand?) So disgusted I've been planning to complain to Animal Planet about the show. They must be looking for a replacement to Steve Irwin,I guess. But at least Irwin did some good things for conservation.

It's different strokes for different folks, I suppose, but when you are going to be almost as close to someone as your spouse for weeks at a time, I should think you would want to make sure you can stand that person.

For me, and for Ruth, Mad Mike is the most obnoxious person I never care to meet or spend time with in Africa.

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I'd suggest checking with guide, Simon Belcher, at Ker & Downey, Ltd (Nairobi):


Here is his website:


Just returned from nearly 3 weeks in Kenya and Tanzania with him and two other K&D guides.

They made it a truly amazing trip.

Have a great time!

I'm planning the next trip....

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If you want the best of the best- contact Safari Consultants. They specialize in tailor made safaris. These guys put a safari together for me many years ago that was amazing.

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Also look at John Steves. He is considered one of the top guides in Africa.


I joined him in Chikwenya-Mana Pools when he also had some English Royalty on safari.

This was in Oct. An observation-- I swear,royalty don't sweat.
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the best web site to get Simon Belcher on is http://simonbelcher.com
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Re Cobbles:

Nyamera, you might remember my mentioning last year that my husband and I were moving to Texas. Unfortunately, my husband’s health took a sudden turn and he died early February of this year, just one week before our scheduled move. I made the journey alone. This past weekend, I finally plucked up the courage to unpack those boxes that had been pre-packed with his possessions. I was poking around his laptop, gaining insights to his various contacts and accounts so I could close out his affairs properly. To my shock and surprise I clicked on his Favorites List and his link to Fodor’s, to discover he was registered as Cobbles. From what I could tell, he had only posted one question - asking for assistance in planning just one extraordinary safari. Yes, years ago we had taken a very romantic private safari for two with Don Young. Cobbles mentioned meeting a couple on a plane…well not exactly. We me a couple at a dinner in New York that spoke of a private safari they had arranged through TCS-Expeditions and we had often wondered who they might have used as their guides. Perhaps this was what he was trying to re-create for the two of us; We had hoped that we could make one final journey to EA together. What a lovely husband he was. DH had often said he was sure I would never leave him for another man, but was not so sure about Africa. Just like him to want to leave me with one more incredible memory of the man and place I love so much.
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Khakif -

What a wonderful man "Cobbles." I'm so sorry for your loss.

TCS, if I recall, is located in the northwest believe Seattle. Their itineraries are top-of-the-line ($$$$$), often with private plane (DC-9) to get their group paxs from place to place. So, I guess it's understandable when he wrote $1200/nt/person.

Maybe, as time goes bye, you'll get to arrange a TCS or similar lux safari. As you know, East Africa is really easy for solo travelers and the many friends your meet and make along the way.

All my best.
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I'm so very sorry for your loss. What a wonderful husband to plan that special trip for you and I'm sad that you weren't able to go together. I'm sure Cobbles will be with you on your next trip to Africa.
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Khakif--I'm so glad you found the "Cobbles" thread on your husband's computer. It's an incredible story. I, too, am so sorry for your loss, he sounds like a wonderful man.
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What an incredible story. The whole office had tears in their eyes when I read your letter. What a fantastic husband and memory.
Good luck with your new life in Texas.
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A loving, caring husband--how lucky you are to have shared your life with such a man. I am sorry for your loss. Thank you for telling us the story of "Cobbles." I agree with sundowner; he will be with you on all your travels.
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What a touching and emotional story. Thank you for sharing it with us.
Best of luck in Texas and if you choose to return to Africa, have a wonderful time. I'm sure "Cobbles" will be watching over you.

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