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Bogotá Nightlife & the Arts

Bogotá can easily overwhelm the visitor with its engaging arts and entertainment opportunities. Just check the local listings in the GO Guia del Ocio ( for an idea of what is going on. On any given day you might find yourself listening to Celtic music in a dark left-bank café in the Candelaria or watching a tango recital in the north; Bogotá delivers on every front.

Bogotá's reputation for street crime hasn't put a damper on its ebullient nightlife. The two main partying areas are the Zona Rosa, between Calles 81 and 84 and Carreras 11 and 15, and the nearby Parque 93. There are also a handful of popular salsa bars in La Candelaria. The Zona Rosa and Parque 93 are safer than downtown, but travel there by taxi.

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