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As you travel the winding road of the Lake District, the snowcapped shoulders of volcanoes emerge, mysteriously disappear, then materialize again, peeping through trees or towering above broad valleys. The sometimes difficult journey through breathtaking mountain passes is inevitably rewarded by views of a glistening lake, vibrant and blue. You might be tempted to belt out "The hills are alive..., " but this is southern Chile, not Austria. With densely forested national parks, a dozen large lakes, easy access to transportation and facilities, and predominantly small, family-run lodgings, this area has come pretty close to perfecting tourism.


The Lake District Hotels

Many hostels, even the newly built ones, are constructed in Bavarian-chalet style echoing the region's Germanic heritage. Central heating is a more


The Lake District Restaurants

Meat and potatoes characterize the cuisine of this part of southern Chile. The omnipresent cazuela (a plate of rice and potatoes with beef or chicken) more

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  • Top Reasons to Go

    Volcanoes: Volcán Villarrica and Volcán Osorno are the conical, iconic symbols of the northern and southern Lake District, respectively, but some... Read more

  • Outdoor Adventures At A Glance

    Pucón. Just 20 minutes from the 2,847-meter-high (9,341-foot-high) Villarrica Volcano, Pucón is without doubt one of Chile's top spots for adventure... Read more

  • The People of the Land

    The Mapuche profoundly affected the history of southern Chile. For almost 300 years this indigenous group fought to keep colonial, then Chilean... Read more

  • Hier ist alles so Deutsch

    You'll meet people in the Lake District with names like María Schmidt or Pablo Gudenschwager. At first, such juxtapositions sound odd, but, remember... Read more


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