Bahía Bustamante

RN3, Km 1674, Bahía Bustamante, Chubut, 9111, Argentina

Choose between six guesthouses right on the beach (food and activities included), or one of the simpler five guesthouses off the beach on an accommodation-only basis; each of the beach guesthouses includes twin bedrooms, a living room, a bathroom, and a kitchen. There's electricity only between sunset and 11:30 pm. Activities include bird-watching, visits to a local petrified forest and archaeological sites, and boat excursions to the Malaspina cove, where there are sea lion colonies, plus penguin and seabird rookeries. Other options are trips to local estancias—where you might see demonstrations of old-style sheep shearing using scissors—as well as horseback riding, fishing, mountain-bike excursions, and trekking. Nearly all of the food cooked in the restaurant comes from ingredients grown at the local estancias or fished from the local waters, and with a chef who studied at El Bulli and trained at Buenos Aires' top restaurants, you know that you are in for a culinary treat at this wild beach paradise. Bahía Bustamante currently operates between September and March, with other months available but check in advance.


  • world-class cuisine and outdoor activities in a scenic wonderland
  • excursions are an adventure


  • this is remote territory, so come prepared for that
  • expensive


Phones: 11-4778–0125-reservations in Buenos Aires


Rate Includes: Closed Apr.–Aug.11 guesthouses All-inclusive