Patagonia Feature


Top Reasons to Go

Marine Life: Península Valdés is home to breeding populations of sea lions, elephant seals, orcas, and the star of the local sea show, the southern right whale. Punta Tombo is the world's largest Magellanic penguin colony.

Estancia Stay: Visit an estancia, a working ranch where you can ride horses alongside tough-as-nails gaucho cowboys and dine under the stars on spit-roasted lamb.

Glaciers and Mountains: Set yourself opposite an impossibly massive wall of ice and contemplate the blue-green-turquoise spectrum trapped within. Meanwhile, stark granite peaks planted like spears in the Cordillera beckon extreme mountain climbers and casual trekkers alike.

Brushing Up on Your Welsh: In the largest Welsh colony outside Wales, the people of Gaiman have preserved their traditions and language. Gaiman's historic teahouses serve scones, cakes, and tarts from century-old recipes.

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