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Custard—That Oh So Dairy Treat

Because Wisconsin has a long and tasty history relating to the dairy industry, it should come as no surprise that great custard can be found here—frozen custard that is. We're talking about that thick and creamy, ice-cream-like dessert that contains egg yolks—not those wiggly, pudding-like dishes. Despite the fact that steamy hot days are in the minority in this Midwestern state, a substantial number of great frozen-custard stands can be found, especially in Milwaukee. The stands range from little mom-and-pops to large local chains with thriving businesses. Frozen custard is such a popular treat that most stands have billboards denoting the flavor of the day, lists of the flavors to come, and flavor-of-the-day hot lines. In general, the warmer the day, the longer the line is likely to be at a custard stand in Wisconsin; after just one taste, however, you'll agree it's worth the wait.

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