Dinosaurland and Eastern Utah Feature


Top Reasons to Go

One great gorge: The most jaw-dropping spot in eastern Utah is the Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area. The quite cold water under the gorge's reddish, steep walls is a serene place to fish and boat, and the surrounding open space makes for good camping and hiking.

Dino-mite: Come to Dinosaur National Monument to see the famous dinosaur fossils or just to camp in some truly remote country. For the most exciting introduction to the monument, take a guided river rafting trip through it.

Frugal fun: Vernal is a favorite for its low-cost entertainment. Head to a museum, go bowling, or go back in time at its quaint drive-in movie theater, which offers back-to-back films on weekends.

Bike Vernal: In the last few years almost 200 mi of former cow trails around Vernal have been converted for use by mountain bikes. The sport is still getting a foothold in the area, so that means the paths are often blissfully empty—for now.

Alone in the swell: The San Rafael Swell is one of the least crowded spots in a region that's already known for its sparse population. If you're looking to get away from everyone—all the while hiking, biking, and boating—these miles of domed rock might be exactly what you need.

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