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Cataloochee, the Novel

Asheville native Wayne Caldwell's 2007 novel, Cataloochee, and 2010 sequel, Requiem by Fire, tell the story of three generations of mountain families in Cataloochee Cove. They came to this distant, beautiful valley in search of a hardscrabble version of Eden. Some may have found it, but the idyll was not to last. As the government took steps to relocate the settlers out of Cataloochee to make room for Great Smoky Mountains National Park, a tragic act of violence touched the families.

Toward the end of the first novel, a preacher at the Baptist church in Little Cataloochee says:

"I heard Brother Smith over in Big Cataloochee preached about this land being Eden. I hope you see fit to forgive him, even if he is a Methodist. Because, Lord, this is pretty country right enough, but mankind tamed this forest and grubbed out these pastures, and that don't make it Paradise. You made Eden oncet and that's it."

Updated: 09-2013

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