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Savannah's Spooky Stays

In 2003, the American Institute of Paranormal Psychology christened Savannah the "most haunted city in America." And there have been countless reports of run-ins with spirits and specters in Savannah's many inns and B&Bs.

Some adventurous travelers even request haunted rooms, and you'll find that many properties wear their supernatural reputations like badges of honor. The East Bay Inn, for instance, lovingly refers to their resident ghost, Charlie, like a harmless extended houseguest. You might occasionally hear the wooden floorboards squeaking; is it Charlie pacing the halls or a 200-year-old building settling in for the night?

At the Eliza Thompson House, visitors have reported doors spontaneously locking and ghostly figures appearing in guest rooms. The 17Hundred90 Inn (307 E. President St. 912/236–7122) has some of the most notorious ghost stories in town, and if you walk by at night and look up at the second floor, you'll see a female mannequin posed in one of the windows—a playful homage to Anna Powers, the woman whose spirit allegedly lingers in Room 204.

The Marshall House and Olde Harbour Inn also proudly tout their resident ghosts. Whether you consider it a selling point or a deterrent may depend on how superstitious you are, but don't say you haven't been warned.

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