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Plan Your Orlando Vacation

Most Orlando locals look at the theme parks as they would an unruly neighbor: it's big and loud, but it keeps a nice lawn. Central Florida's many theme parks can become overpowering for even the most enthusiastic visitor, and that's when an excursion into the "other" Orlando—the one the locals know and love—is in order.


Orlando Hotels

With tens of thousands of lodging choices available in the Orlando area, from tents to deluxe villas, there is no lack of... read more


Orlando Restaurants

You'll find burger-and-fries combos everywhere in Orlando, yet the ambitious chefs behind Orlando's theme-park and... read more


Orlando Experiences

  • Top Attractions

    Disney's most-visited theme park welcomes you with a barbershop quartet serenade and the fragrance of fresh-baked cookies. Cinderella... Read more

  • Great Itineraries

    If you're like most visitors to Orlando, you've come for a theme park (or two or three). But if you need a break from them, have people in... Read more

  • Top Orlando Spas

    If you hit the ground running after arriving in Orlando, at some point you may need to shift your pace from "fast forward" to "pause." If... Read more

  • Seasonal and Holiday Events

    If you've been to Orlando and its parks and enjoyed the top attractions at least once, consider a special trip around one of the many... Read more

  • Orlando Weddings and Honeymoons

    Orlando and its theme parks have become increasingly popular shower, wedding, and honeymoon destinations. The area appeals to starry-eyed... Read more

  • Tips for Senior Citizens

    People 65 and older who are vibrant and active are more likely to characterize themselves by family or interest (solo travelers,... Read more

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