Épik Montreal

171 rue St-Paul Ouest Montréal, Québec H2Y 1Z5 Canada

Joanne Latimer

Bipolar in the best possible way, Épik marries the rustic ambiance of the Old World with hot-shot design and stainless steel. The contrast is stunning.

YOU SHOULD KNOW There are only 10 rooms, so make your reservation very well in advance.


It’s impossible to overstate the impact of the bedroom’s beamed ceilings and large-scale windows. The soundproof shutters are a thoughtful touch. All rooms have faux fireplaces and flat-screen TVs.


There are no bathtubs, except in the penthouse, but there are roomy glassed-in rain showers.


Built for people watching along rue Saint-Paul, the lobby’s backdrop is an elegant mix of rough stone walls, brick, and marble--there are lots of types of walls in this hotel lobby. Unlike many Old Port lobbies, it’s airy and wide.

The lobby’s Negroni Bar, and its same-named cocktail, adds an Italian flair that foreshadows the restaurant’s (Italian) menu.


Surprisingly, the cuisine isn’t French. It’s Italian. Confused? Totally. That said, the seafood linguini and mushroom risotto are excellent. The breakfast is a morning feast, with butter croissants and excellent coffee.


Getting Around

Watch out for cars if you’re walking on the narrow sidewalks. Tourists tend to wander into the road. Rue St-Paul is particularly narrow and busy, with no parking. The hotel is just a 10- to 15-minute walk from the Square Victoria metro. Taxis and Ubers are good options.


For a crowd of flirty young go-getters, there’s Méchant Boeuf (10-15 minute walk), a pub with craft cocktails and great burgers. Don't overthink it--just go. It's right down the street.


If you've always wanted to try absinthe, head to Sarah B and reserve a green fairy alcove to imbibe in private. Or, peruse the much-discussed red wine section at Philémon (10-minute walk).


Epik Montreal is aptly named, full of monumental architectural details and flashes of contemporary glam. This boutique hotel's Old World charm is showcased from the beamed ceiling to the original wooden floors. If you want to leave the hotel to explore--and that's a big "if"--the location is great for sightseeing.



Phones: 514-842–2634