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Cancún's Best Beaches

Offering 22½ km (14 miles) of accessible coastline, Cancún abounds with postcard-worthy beaches that beckon outdoor enthusiasts of every ilk. The warm weather and inviting water make it ideal for anyone in search of sunshine, adventure, and relaxation.

It's virtually impossible to find a bad beach here—they all have turquoise waters and powdery white sand. In general, beaches on the northwestern side tend to have calmer waters and softer sand than those facing the Caribbean. The sand is made up of microscopic star-shape fossils called discoasters, with a light and fluffy texture that stays cool underfoot, even when the sun is beating down. By law, the entire coast of Mexico is federal property and open to the public. Everyone is welcome as long as you enter and exit from one of the public points. The problem is these points are often miles apart. One way around the situation is to find a hotel that's open to the public, go into the lobby bar for a drink or snack, and then head to the beach for a swim.

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