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Honduras doesn't necessarily leap to mind when planning a vacation with the kids. (This isn't Orlando, after all.) It's not that the country is unfriendly to children, but planning a vacation here with the kids does take some advance preparation. It's no surprise that Roatán and Copán Ruinas, Honduras's top two destinations for travelers in general, also have the jaguar's share of activities for kids. Here are kid-friendly activity suggestions for those locations and several others.

A Honduras Kids' Top Ten

Chiminike, Tegucigalpa. Ever wanted to learn what causes flatulence? The capital's fun new children's museum will teach you this and a host of other offbeat tidbits of information and is guaranteed to put a smile on your child's—and your—face.

Macaw Mountain Bird Park, Copán Ruinas. This bird-rescue center outside of town is a crowd pleaser among kids of all ages. Macaws, toucans, and parrots dominate among the 20 or so species here. Also, these are fine, animal-loving people who do good work, and those are values worth instilling in anybody.

Enchanted Wings Butterfly Garden, Copán Ruinas. Butterflies flutter and flitter at this park on the edge of town. Take the guided tour, or grab one of the laminated cards illustrating the species that are here and try to identify as many as you can.

Casa K'inich, Copán Ruinas. Your kids can don a Mayan-noble costume, learn to count in the Chortí language, and pose as a stela sculpture at this in-town interactive educational center. It might help make a visit to the ruins themselves come alive for them.

Arch's Iguana & Marine Farm, Roatán. Although the typical Bay Island iguana ends up in somebody's stew, the 2,700 animals here roam freely for the rest of their natural days. Feeding time is early afternoon, the perfect time for a visit.

Roatán Institute for Marine Sciences, Roatán. This research center provides the country's ultimate dolphin-encounter experience, teaching kids to snorkel and become a "Dolphin Trainer for a Day." The dolphin shows themselves are free and a good bet if you're short on time.

Gumbalimba Park, Roatán. Roatán's version of a nature-themed amusement park lets your kids frolic with monkeys and parrots, explore a cave, and go for a horseback ride. If your schedule permits, make it an early-morning visit to beat the crowds.

Garífuna shows, Caribbean and Bay Islands. The spectacles are touristy, yes, but who wouldn't be mesmerized by the infectious punta music and colorful costumes? If your kids like to strut their stuff, tell them to be ready when the performers beckon audience members onto the dance floor.

Hiking, La Mosquitía, Lago de Yojoa. Guided nature walks at Honduras's remote locales can turn a "boring" eco-stay, where there's "nothing to do," into an informative, enlightening experience for your kids.

Zip-Lining, Copán Ruinas, Roatán, Omoa, Cascadas de Pulhapanzak. Is there any better way for your older kids to wow their friends back home than with tales of zipping through the rain forest canopy courtesy of a cable, a helmet, and a secure harness? Check ahead for age and size minimums; they vary by operator.

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