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The 2014 Winter Olympics

Turning a sleepy seaside village and the country's only beach resort into a state-of-the-art Olympic Winter Games venue is Russia's attempt to bring back the grandeur of Czarist Russia and the sport prowess of the Soviet Union. The Olympic Park, still under construction, is getting built from scratch in what used to be a stretch of seaside swamp in Sochi's Adlersky District. It's no surprise then that these Olympic Games—the first Olympics in modern Russia, (the 1980 Olympics were held in the Soviet Union)—are estimated to cost over $50 billion, making them the most expensive Olympic Games to be held in history. It's never too early to plan a trip to the Olympics, taking place from February 7–23, 2014.

Purchasing Tickets Tickets went on sale internationally on February 11, 2013 through, America's authorized ticket website. Buy them online through the website, but keep in mind that you can only use a Visa card to make the purchase. Tickets range in price from $33 to $1,320. The women's team luge is the cheapest while men's hockey final tickets are the most expensive. Figure skating is next most expensive event after hockey. Russian citizens get 73 percent of the tickets, while the rest of the world has to make do with 27 percent. That is why it's important to purchase tickets far in advance. Popular events like hockey, figure skating, downhill skiing, and some of the newer snowboarding and skiing events sell out fast. If you want to make it to any of them, better hurry. Those that just want to visit Sochi and feel the Olympics atmosphere—but don't want to see any of the sporting events—can pay $6 for park entrance.

Hotels and Flights It is best to book your flight early to avoid a rush on flights closer to the event; prices may be better, as well. It is also advised to book hotels as early as possible.

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