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Top Reasons to Go to Sicily

Taormina—Sicily's most beautiful resort: The view of the sea and Mt. Etna from its jagged cactus-covered cliffs is as close to perfection as a panorama can get.

A walk on Siracusa's Ortygia Island: Classical ruins rub elbows with faded seaside palaces and fish markets in Sicily's most striking port city, where the Duomo is literally built atop an ancient Greek temple.

Palermo's palaces, churches, and crypts: Virtually every great European empire ruled Sicily's strategically positioned capital at some point, and it shows most of all in the diverse architecture, from Roman to Byzantine to Arab-Norman.

Valley of the Temples, Agrigento: This stunning set of ruins is proudly perched above the sea in a grove full of almond trees; not even in Athens will you find Greek temples this finely preserved.

Updated: 07-2013

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